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 По Марни Paffenroth
“Do the kids see you more like Javert or
It was such a penetrating and
interesting question; I knew it must have come from God and not out of my own
thoughts. After all, I was simply
walking down my deserted beach, проводить время с Ним, looking for shells and
singing aloud that which had recently consumed much of my inner-song-life: the soundtrack to Les Miserables.
If you know the story, ты сможешь
probably recognize my gut-wrenching answer by the lyric I had so pathetically
just belted out (from the gorgeous song Stars): 
“He knows his way in the dark
Mine is the way of the Lord
And those who follow the path of the righteous
Shall have their reward…”
In an extremely simplified way, the
criminal-turned-righteous Jean Valjean represents God’s Grace while the officer
Javert represents The Law. Javert never
questions his ways or his acceptance before God so long as he is doing “what is
right”. In his unbending determination
and even cruelty he sees himself as God’s representative, bringing about
justice at any price. Not exactly a
model to be copied – and certainly not how I desire to be perceived by my
дети, especially as I represent God to them.
И все еще, there it was. He had me.
In that interesting way that God speaks to my heart and not just my
head… He had me. How about youAre you listening for and open to His
One of the awesome benefits that
Moms in Prayer has brought into my life is the gift of confession, step two of
our four steps of prayer. Moms in Prayer
brought it into my week, but I’ve offered it up to God as a way of lifeГосподин,
help me to walk in Your light.
Continually reveal to me any area I am not pleasing to You, that I may
confess it, be forgiven and cleansed from unrighteousness
(видеть 1 Джон
1:6-10). I am so thankful for the complete cleansing He did for me at the cross, which I accepted as as payment in full when I submitted to His Lordship in my life! I love the open access we have to Him because of the price He paid. I want nothing to come between us now, especially not sin, when it is in my power to listen for His gentle correcting voice.
In this case of His revelation,
after confessing it and being cleansed I had to cry out “О Боже, please help me to well represent Your love and grace to others,
especially my children”.
Sister and Friend – is there an area
of your life that is not pleasing to God that He has already revealed to your
сердце?  Если так, START THERE and don’t
delayConfess your sin and ask Him to
cleanse you from unrighteousness. Allow
Him to heal you and change you – as well as show you ways to walk in it (seek
прощение, turn from a sin, и т.п.).  Я
lovingly challenge you to walk daily open to His conviction and ready to be
corrected by His loving hand.
 I ask God that the lyrics Valjean sings to the child Cosette in Вдруг
are the sentiment I could convey to my children.  Suddenly the world seems a different place,
somehow full of grace and delight. How was I to know that so much love
was held inside me?
 If only they’d still let me sing to them!
 Если мы
confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and
purify us from all unrighteousness.
 1 Джон 1:9 NIV

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