Приходите и пообедать

By Jan Peck

вот, Я стою у двери и стучу:. If anyone hears My voice and
opens the door, I will come in to
him and dine with him, и он со Мною.
Откровение 3:20 (NKJV)
A mom was looking
forward with great expectancy and joy to her visitors—an international family she
had grown to know and love. They were moving back to their own country and had
agreed to come by her home for good-byes. О, how she welcomed their visit, Как
lovingly she had prepared: her best silver tea set and china dishes, homemade
muffins, soft music in the air. She had been planning for days.
At last the
car arrived. The mom went out to welcome her friends and escort them into her
Главная. "Ой, нет,” they politely replied, “Can’t come in. So sorry. Too many stops.”
They presented a gift, quick hugs and were gone.
разочарование. Sadness as she sat alone at her beautiful table. Then … she
thought how God must feel when He longs for our company, expectantly, waiting,
hoping. But we’re too busy, too much to do.
How I wish
I could persuade moms about the banquet they might miss. I wonder if they think
our 30th anniversary celebration Festivalof Joy is a rah-rah pep rally for Moms in Prayer, and they’ll pass. I would
слишком, but …
The truth
is that God is preparing a праздник для
вы. Из личного опыта, я знаю.
Да! Да,
we talk to God and we grow in our Мамы в молитве групп and in our daily lives.
But there’s something about “coming away,” focusing, feasting … God breaks through. How mightily He uses Папоротник Николс в виде
a speaker to communicate truth. Powerful truth. Life-changing truth. Я не
say this lightly. God has used every Moms in Prayer event to get my attention, в
do a deep work in my life that He’d been longing to do. What if I’d missed it?
speakers and seminars, through times of personal reflection and music, через
one-on-one conversations and prayer … without all the distractions of daily
life—God has prepared a feast.
expensive? Too hard to leave the kids? Not your thing? Have you asked God if Он’s expecting you? Has Он prepared a way for you?
invitation has gone out: "Приехать, dine with Me.” He’s waiting for you.
Within weeks
of hearing about Moms in Prayer on the radio, Jan’s neighborhood prayer group
became a Moms in Prayer group. Instead of talking about their prayer requests
for an hour, they started молиться for an hour! Что было 1989 and since
then Jan has worn numerous Moms in Prayer “hats,” including group leader, площадь
coordinator, writer and editor. About raising three sons with husband Randy,
Jan says, “Through all the challenges of motherhood, how grateful I am for my
Moms in Prayer sisters who have faithfully joined me in prayer for our kids and
become my dear friends.

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