Each One, Reach One

pray this summer you will have many opportunities to listen to your
children and love on them. As you spend time together God’s spirit will
show you areas in their lives that need prayer. And areas where God has
ответил молитва. Fern wrote a book titled Каждый ребенок нуждается в маме Молясь. Я
agree with that title. Praying for your children will impact their lives
for Christ. That’s our Mission Statement. Moms in Prayer International impacts
children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray.
For this reason we pray for more praying
mothers to join us. As we were praying at our May meeting one of our members had a great idea. Please read below her call to prayer for the summer.

Have you ever
considered the power of “Один?” Одна женщина. One moment. Один
молитва. One Almighty God. When we read His Word, we find that most of the
time God did not raise up masses who altogether made a difference at
once. He raised up One. He raised up an Abraham, a Moses, or an Esther.
The fervent prayers of just One, willing tostand in the gap
can avail the impossible in the hands of our Almighty God! And so we are
asking you, Moms in Prayer warriors around the world, to join us as
мы “Each One, Reach One, at Onein intercession for moms,
schools and children in our state. Our prayersone at a time– Можно
petition God to bring them together with Moms in Prayer. Simply set an
alarm (cell phone, смотреть, и т.д.) для 1 o’clock each day, and lift a brief
prayer for One more mom to become involved in Moms in Prayer, or One more
school to be covered with a group, or One more child and/or teacher to
come to know Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior. Без разницы
“Один” God lays on your heart each day, lift in prayer to Him
when the clock strikes One. Just think of how our God can multiply and
bless countless numbers throughout every city, county and region! Will
you be One who makes a difference in the life of just One more? We humbly
ask you to join us in this endeavor to impact our state for
His Glory and we thank you for each and every prayer!
В качестве
we pray this summer, more moms will be ready to start and join groups
when the new school year begins.
your family this summer,
Радость Моро
Joy Moreau is the North Carolina State Coordinator. She and her husband Joe enjoy exploring North Carolina’s lakes and rivers on their jet ski. They have three sons, one in a career and two in college.


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