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Я был благодарен быть частью существующей Мамы в молитве группы с мамами, которые молили свои ребенок в течение многих лет в школе.

Когда лидер Давней группы остановился ведущая, и я взял на себя руководство, все женщины в группе в конце концов перестали приходить. Да, all of them. It was frustrating to me and it even hurt. But I decided to keep meeting and putting the word out about our group. Brand new women showed up! Not many and not who I expected, but who God had obviously chosen.

I did mourn the loss of the moms in the original group, but I chose to let it go. I decided to forgive them and embrace the new women who came to the group. При этом, I discovered real joy in getting to know these ladies. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for allowing me to lead these women and teach them how to pray. And I realized that through this, God helped me find my tribe.

What do I mean by tribe?
  • Your tribe is made up of the people who respond to you.
  • They trust you enough to join you because they believe that what you’re doing is valid.
  • They respect you enough to set aside time to join you.

Value these people! Accept and thank God for each of them, and believe that they are His gift to YOU. They may not be who you expected, and that’s ok.

It’s equally ok when someone chooses not to join your tribe.

A pastor at my church shared with me the story of his first small group. He and his wife were excited to host this group and got their house ready each week. One person came. All year. Only one.

My pastor said after that year, he was ready to quit hosting a small group, but after talking to his wife, decided to try again. The next year they had 15 people in their group!

God blessed it and new groups started out of that original group. All because this couple decided to stick it out and try again.

Back to my Moms in Prayer group. One lady in particular showed up early in the school year. She told me she didn’t know too much about prayer, but heard about the group through our church and decided to come. She only knew the Lord’s Prayer, and I was able to say, "Ну, that’s great, because that is our prayer model here at Moms in Prayer.” She looked a little surprised, but also relieved to learn that we use something as familiar to her as Jesus’ prayer.

This mama would “stick to the script” as she called it and pray the Scriptures on the prayer sheet each week. That was her comfort zone. At the end of the first meeting, она сказала, “Whew! That was hard!” I warmly congratulated her for coming and for praying the whole hour.

God accepts us right where we are and is pleased with what we are able to give Him.

I told her to feel free to pray out loud or stay silent, and that short-sentence prayers were better than long flowery ones for our time together. She seemed hesitant, but thanked me for the time.

Do you know she came back? And that she became the most faithful member of our group? Не только это, but her prayer life grew dramatically that first year.

Она пошла молиться «сценарий» в начале учебного года, чтобы заливка ее сердце к Богу - громко - в молитве к концу этого года.

И я тот, кто получил благословение наблюдать эту трансформацию! Когда я думаю об этом, Я так унижен и благодарен Богу за то, что сообщили мне быть частью этого, для использования меня в качестве инструмента.

Так что не презирать день малого начала. Бог вознаграждает наши верные усилия. Если ничего другого, Он изменяет нас через наше персистирующое послушание Его призвание. И это на самом деле очень много.

Следует поощрять, Мамы в лидера Prayer. Бог примет ваши усилия прерывистого, чтобы привести и Он будет принимать ваши страдания, и будет использовать их для Его славы - и да благословит вас через все это.

Группа лидеров, у нас есть специальный раздел только для вас все, что вам нужно, чтобы привести свою группу и новое видео атрибута каждый месяц: MomsInPrayer.org/Group-Leaders

Вы хотите, чтобы ваша молитвенная жизнь резко расти? Подключение с Мамы в молитве группы в настоящее время!

Синди Foulke был связан с Мамы в молитве, так как воспитательница ее сына попросил ее, чтобы начать группу. Что было 20 много лет назад. Она все еще любит молиться с другими мамами и в настоящее время является координатор Площади в северной Вирджинии, за пределами Вашингтона, Постоянный ток. Она и ее муж, Дэвид, являются родителями четырех молодых взрослых детей и наслаждаться жизнью, как пустой Нестерс, так как их младший сын просто уехал в колледж.

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  1. Love these reminders of how God uses everything- even change of leadership- to bring good! We can trust Him to know what we need as leaders and to use us as part of how He grows other moms through our willingness to faithfully lead. Tribes come in all shapes and sizes and seasons. We receive blessings through them as God grows our groups and grows us all. Through MIPI we learn to deepen our trust and faith and understanding of the power available to us, through praying the living Word over our dear ones.

  2. Спасибо! I needed to hear this. After leading/having a faithful group of 2-3 (myself and 1-2 другие мамы) for a year, repeated attempts to invite more moms and then losing my most faithful mom to breast cancer, I am struggling to keep the faith and try again. I fear rejection, but after reading this article my hope is renewed. And I am thankful for an area coordinator who is encouraging me and supporting me as well.

    1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for your comment and your perseverance. I’m glad you have a faithful AC to support you. I do believe God rewards our faithfulness (1 Thess. 5:24). And I will pray for you this year.

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