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Один специальный способ связи с вашими внуками является молитвой, не только для них, но и для их учителей и школ, где они проводят так много времени. Бабушки могут либо молиться с традиционными Мамы в молитве группы или регулярно молиться с другими бабушками.

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Kassandra Habit

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Хотя я новичок в моих бабки ролей, I am not at all new to the blessings and power of God at work through our prayers. I have had the privilege of experiencing this through the Moms in Prayer ministry for the past 18 лет.
God led me to a prayer group for my oldest daughter’s elementary school and has continued to make a way for me to pray her through every stage of her life with other praying moms alongside me. What a tremendous testimony of answered prayers that I have to share from these years of praying. What an incredible work God has accomplished in my life and my children’s lives because I have come each week to invest my prayers with a community of praying moms. This community of praying moms has been different throughout the years, в виде школьных групп, церковные основе группы, college groups and career groups. But I can say with great certainty that being part of each Moms in Prayer group has allowed me to experience God week after week and year after year in a way that nothing else does.
It is this legacy of God’s faithfulness that I will now build upon as I begin to pray for my first grandchild. The same God who called me to invest my prayers and watch Him work through out my children’s lives is now calling me to invest my prayers and watch Him work in the next generation of my family. I am aware that the challenges my children faced are still present as well as the many new challenges present for this next generation of children and schools. So the importance of investing my time in prayer remains.
I believe the same is true for you and your family and I invite you to join me in praying for this generation of grandchildren by committing to invest your prayers with a Moms in Prayer group. I look forward to hearing from you to talk about how to get started!
Напишите мне на: Grandmas@MomsInPrayer.org
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