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Prayer Suggestions for Children with Special Needs

Pray for School


  • For proper programs for students with disabilities; that the Lord would bring clarity from any confusion
  • For innovative ways to serve special needs students while keeping costs down
  • For a system of accountability for the programs for special education students
  • For the process of identifying students with disabilities
  • For development of programs for students who fall in the gray areas and who are not really getting what they need


  • That the administrators would select good workshops to equip classroom teachers to meet the special needs of the students
  • That the workshops would reflect godly principles
  • That appropriate programs would be available for all special needs students in the district; that the programs would help these children develop to their fullest potential


  • That the teachers would properly modify curriculum to meet the unique needs of each student
  • For a spirit of unity between parents and teachers so the student’s needs will be met
  • For proper training to equip teachers to help these students
  • That teachers would not get frustrated when a child cannot do things as quickly as others
  • That teachers would concentrate on the student’s strong points and not their weaknesses
  • That teachers will have patience; that their speech would be loving and gracious
  • That the diagnosticians would have insight into the needs and abilities of the students they are testing; that they would schedule evaluations for students at appropriate times; that it would be a good day for the students; that students would be healthy and alert
  • That the diagnosticians will be open to parents’ input
  • That students will not be unnecessarily medicated

Elementary Level

  • For early diagnosis; that the teachers would have insight into the children who are struggling with their work and be willing to talk to the parents about help for these children
  • That each student receives an accurate diagnosis and admission into the appropriate program
  • That parents would not deny any learning differences

Secondary Level

  • That students who have slipped through undiagnosed would get the help they need from an attentive teacher
  • For positive friendships for the children so they would not be drawn into the wrong group
  • For transitional services for those who cannot handle college education
  • For wisdom for the counselors and other professionals who work with these students
Promises for Parents

II Chronicles 20:15—For the battle is not yours, но Бог. Many times as parents we need to be reminded of that. Recognize your own personal limitations. Your true strength should be in the Lord (Псалом 28:6-7). Римляне 15:5 says the Lord gives endurance and encouragement. Believe and claim that for yourselves and your children.

Пословицы 28:13—That when we make mistakes, we would model an openness to confess them to our children or their teachers

Исайя 45:3—That we would learn the hidden riches of the secret places

Иеремия 29:11—That we would know our children have a future and a hope because God’s plans for them are to prosper them, not to harm them

Мэтью 6:25-34—That we would not worry about the tomorrow’s for our children

II Коринфянам 10:5—That we would not be anxious about the unknown, the what-ifs; take every worry captive to the obedience of Christ

Кор 12:7-10—That as a parent of a special needs child I would be content with my child’s difficulties

Филиппийцам 3:13б-14—That we would forget past mistakes we have made with our children and press on

Кол 3:21 (ТЛТ)—That the Lord would give us discernment as to when to scold and when their disability keeps them from accomplishing something (We do not want them to become discouraged and quit.)

Джеймс 1:19—That we would be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry