Matt Brown is an evangelist, автор пробуждение and Founder of Think Eternity. He and his wife Michelle are impacting thousands of people with the Gospel each year through live events and online. Их служение работа приняла их к концам земли, и тысячи людей доверяют во Христе в результате их служения. They also minister to more than half a million followers on social media daily.

imageMattBrownMichelleMatt and Michelle were both impacted by a several year revival calledMonday Night Jamthat took place just before their twenties in the town of Delano, Миннесота. God moved powerfully on a group of youth who met for a weekly worship night. This student-led gathering soon included band members from various denominational backgrounds. В течение нескольких лет, 4 в 600 students gathered in worship each week in a public high school with a population of 650 студенты. Church groups drove in from several hours away for a one-hour worship night, as they heard of what was taking place. For an entire school year during this time, zero disciplinary problems were reported in the entire student body. Many students experienced the Presence of God, many Biblical miracles took place and countless people turned to follow Christ as a result of what took place.

Matt Brown is the son of a Moms in Prayer mom.


Matt with his family