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Сью Якобони

There are times when the burdens of life are overwhelming. As I was meditating on Matthew 11:28, the theme verse for our Moms in Prayer Иди ко мне отступлений,  это была картина, которая пришла в голову.  Gather with your Moms in Prayer group as you start the new year and praise God that He is your Burden Lifter! This is a picture of what Jesus wants to do in your life and in the life of your children as you gather to pray. Join Him as He beckons you to come to Him, your Burden Lifter

Close your eyes and think of the one
thing that is most heavy on your heart and mind right now. Picture it as it weighs heavy around your
neck at times. You try to lift it or
even ignore it, but it seems to press down on you until the anxiety, fear and
worry become overwhelming. It’s not that
you don’t have any faith, but you have temporarily glanced away from your
Savior and focused on your situation. Of course Satan’s right there to make it
a little heavier and lie to you, telling you that your circumstance will never
change and you’ll never overcome this; this situation that troubles you.

Now picture your Savior Jesus coming
toward you. He has no look of panic on
his face, but only assurance and confidence that He knows exactly what to
do. He embraces you and asks, “Мой
дочь, what is troubling you
Remember who I amI am your
Спаситель, your Good Shepherd. Cast your
cares upon Me, for I care for you. I
need to remind you that I’m the One who carried your sorrows and endured the
cross to bring you peace. You are like
My disciples in the boat when a great storm came and they feared, but then they
remembered to cry out to Me and I calmed the storm and they knew that I was God
because even the wind and waves obeyed Me.
I want to do the same for you. Let
me lift that heavy burden off your shoulders, the one that troubles you greatly,
and allow Me to replace it with My yoke.” 
He removes the heavy load from your shoulders and lovingly reassures
вы, “Daughter, I never meant for you to carry this. It is too much for you.”  He places His yoke upon you and says with
определенность, “This is not a yoke of slavery.
Oh no My daughter!!  You did not
receive a spirit of slavery leading to fear
Вместо, I have given you the spirit of adoption, assuring you that you
are My child. My yoke is freedom indeed
and abundant life placed like a beautiful garland around your neck adorned with
My plans and purposes for you. So don’t take
up this heavy weight again. I don’t want
you to shrink back. I want you to stand
firm, be still and know that I am God.
When you feel heavy laden, you need to come to Me and I will give you
rest. I am the One who leads you beside
still waters. I restore your soul. So daughter, don’t hesitate. I am right here. I have told you that in this world you will
have trials, but to be of good cheer because I have overcome all that tries to
come against you. I am your Burden

Сью Якобони grew up in Colorado
and now lives in Southern California with her husband of 18 years and her
teenage daughter. She leads a Moms in Prayer high school group as well as
a prayer ministry at her church and works full time. Growing up in a
Сложная ситуация и сохраняются много лет спустя, God continues to teach
her to trust Him and has prompted her to share this with others.  Она
firmly believes that building trust and faith in God is key to letting go of
the heavy burdens so many women still carry.  Prayer and the Word of God
are the tools He gives us to do just that.

If you would like tostart a Moms in Prayer group илинайти группу возле тебя, please visit ourсайт for details.

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  1. Сью,
    Thanks for sharing this! I really needed to hear this today! Have been dealing with a situation with a son. It has been such a HUGE burden to me! I've struggled under its weight and it has struck fear in my heart and mind!
    God bless you sweet sister in Christ!
    Praising His name that HE is our Burden Lifter!

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