Надежда Щукина в мамах

The LORD has compassion on all He has made. Псалом 145:9

“We want you to please bring more volunteers, so we can have a Moms in Prayer group every day!” exclaimed one inmate mom – and the others vigorously agreed.

Like most incarcerated mothers, these women in a large city prison are full of fears, заботы, sadness, and guilt over their children. They deeply want the comfort, надеяться, and joy they experience by praying the Four Steps together in the weekly group, to be a part of their daily lives.

Incarcerated mothers also typically feel helpless and hopeless. Они часто считают, что они не могут сделать ничего, чтобы помочь своим детям, или улучшить свои отношения с ними.

На 60% have children under ten, and were their primary caregivers. Now they don’t always know where their kids are living, who is caring for them, or how they’re doing.

И эти матери со взрослыми детьми, особенно с длительным срокам тюремного заключения, может испытывать недостаток общения и прямой отказ от своих сыновей и дочерей. Our volunteer teams across the country report how God works through Moms in Prayer to reach these women.

Two very sad mothers recently prayed in agreement for communication from their adult sons who had refused contact for years. Neither was hopeful of change. A couple of weeks later, they couldn’t wait to share that each of them had received a wonderful letter from her son!

In a short-term rehabilitation facility, one woman came reluctantly to Moms In Prayer at first, saying “it will make me too sad to pray for my children. I’ll just cry, and it won’t change anything.” Despondent and tearful, she could only whisper a request that her little child was being well cared for.

The next time she was visibly transformed, говоря, “Now I can smile!” because she learned a few days after the group prayer that her grandmother agreed to care for her child until she was released!

Наш 12 State Prison Liaisons and volunteer teams in 40 состояния have many testimonies about how God works through Moms In Prayer in prisons, jails, transition homes, rehabilitation centers, and similar facilities.

With “compassion on all He has made” (Псалом 145:9), God imparts his tender mercies and transforming love to hurting inmate mothers, and answers their prayers for their children.

Tears of sorrow turn into eyes glistening with gratitude and hope, that despite being separated and incarcerated, they can still do their best for their children – pray for them!

Many of their prayers for their kids are:
  • That they will belong to the Lord and live a Christian life
  • For safety and protection
  • For caring teachers and success in school
  • For Christian friendships
  • For financial stability
  • And a chance to realize their dreams

В процессе, мы также видели, как Мамы в молитве изменяет сердца этих заключенных женщин, связывает их с другими христианскими матерей в их учреждении, дает им новое отношение и дух сотрудничества, поскольку они служат свое время, и помогает им вернуться в свои общины и привести изменили жизнь.

Our Prison Ministry program provides materials, training and mentoring to start or join a team bringing Moms in Prayer to incarcerated mothers in your area. Or if you’re moved to pray for other volunteers and facilities in your state, we can connect you with our Prayer Partners.

Для дополнительной информации, contact Nancy at: Prison@MomsInPrayer.org


Нэнси Turock is the Moms in Prayer USA Prison Ministry Liaison. She works with 12 посвященный тюрьме штата Liaisons и 140 Добровольцы в командах по всей 40 государства, чтобы принести Мамы в молитве, чтобы в заключении матерей. Эти матери, которые чувствуют себя беспомощными и безнадежность делать что-либо для своих детей, находясь в тюрьме, открыть через Мамы в молитве, что они действительно могут сделать самое лучшее, что для них - молись!

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  1. I have been blessed with a contact (who is an inmate at a correctional facility, she was a friend of my daughters 20 много лет назад), that I am now sending bibles and Christian books for the last 5+ месяцы, for her to give out to other inmates after she prays and waits on the Lord to lead her to who He wants to have the book/Bible. It has become a very special ministry where she sends me back a short testimony about the one receiving the gift. So many of them are moms and are truly thankful that someone cares enough for them to want to help them with spiritual training. As your writings have stated .. They are so worried about their children. I have been so blessed to be a part of their lives, encouraging them to trust in The Lord with all their hearts! Many of the women would also like to have a Christian pen pal who they could email with about the Bible and growing in their Christian walk. Half of them are Spanish speaking. Much more that I could share about how God is moving there through this small act of kindness that God led me to do but for now just wanted to know if you have a group of moms in prayer there that I could refer the women to or how to get one startedthank you for your ministry and heart for incarcerated women who need the love and knowledge of God in their lives. Карен (For confidentiality, this comment has been edited to removed references to locations and last names. Our MIP Prison Ministry Liaison will contact Karen personally to help.)

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