Нет Идеальное место когда-либо совершенный Бог

Ян Пек

Hannah fell
before the Lord in ardent prayer for a child. "Если только Вы даете мне сына,” she
cried, “I’ll give him back to You for all the days of his life.” God answered
Hannah’s prayer—and she kept her promise. (Прочитайте историю Ханны в 1 Самуил
While he
was still very young, Hannah dedicated her son, Самуил, to God and brought him to
live and serve in the house of the Lord at Shiloh. The tabernacle might sound
like the perfect, godly environment for her son to learn and grow, but as it turned
out, it was far from perfect. Samuel was thrown in with the sons of Eli the
priest, men with no regard for God. Thieving and immoral, they had only
contempt for their father’s feeble attempts at rebuke.
think Hannah ever stopped praying for her Samuel? Do you think she ever stopped
crying out to God on his behalf? Никогда не! And Scripture tells us he grew up in
the presence of the Lord and became a mighty man of God, one of the greatest of
the prophets.

Анна, we can’t always guarantee a perfect environment for our children, whether
we’re sending them to preschool or college, but we Можно rest in our perfect God. He urges us to pray and honors our
prayers on behalf of our children. As you send your little (and big) darlings
обратно в школу, know that the God of the universe hears and answers as we
gather and place our children and schools in His care.
Take time now to find или Начало а Мамы в молитве группы!

About Jan Peck – В
weeks of hearing about Moms in Prayer on the radio, Jan’s neighborhood prayer
group became a Moms in Prayer group. Instead of talking about their prayer
requests for an hour, они начали молиться в течение часа! Что было 1989
and since then Jan has worn numerous Moms in Prayerhats—from group
leader to staff editor. О воспитывает троих сыновей с мужем Рэнди, Ян говорит,
Of all the challenges of motherhood, inviting God into every aspect of
our lives through prayer was the one thing I did right.

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