Игра младенцы

Мои маленькие тени. Вот что я имел обыкновение называть своих детей, когда они были маленькими. Были всегда 2-3 фигуры, стоя в тени моих на стоянке, или в парке, или там, где наши приключения взяли нас на этот день. Моя тень никогда не была одна, и я был на самом деле в порядке с этим. Я всегда любил своих детей’ company wherever we went.

But how often are we conscious about what those little eyes and ears are seeing and hearingWe can get so caught up in ourto doswe might not be mindful that there are little eyes watching and processing it all. What are they seeingWhat are they noticing as the priorities in your life? How do you spend your time?

When my daughter Mimi was about 4 лет, she and her best friend Carly loved to play babies together. Every room in our house was magically transformed into their own pretend play town. They had their owns houses, a grocery store, a mall and a babysitter. I thought it was funny they had a babysitter and wondered what her purpose was. I was soon to find out that the babysitter actually served a very powerful purposeOnce the house was magically transformed these 2 girls would fill their strollers with their babies (often having a minimum of 2 babies each), grab purses and cell phones and would then walk around their imaginary town pushing their babies and talking on their phones. It was pretty cute to watch!  (Although convicting sometimes too.)  I hope to God my daughter didn’t really think being a mom was about talking on the phone and pushing strollers. Lord, help me!

One day I overhear them dropping their babies off at daycare and hollering to each other that they will meet in just a minute. Curious as to what they were “встречи” about I hid behind a wall just close enough to hear what was going on. Would you believe those 2 little sweet girls were meeting to have their Мамы в молитве встречиI was shocked- maybe I hadn’t failed too badly as a mommy. They sat down at a table and wrote down the requests for each of their babies and then proceeded to have what their interpretation of a Moms in Prayer meeting looked liked. I just stood there with tears in my eyes that these 2 девочки, even at the young ages of 4 и 6 knew the importance of the Moms in Prayer hour.

Наши дети, young and old are watching. They watch every move, every step and hear every word. There may be quite a few things I get wrong as a mom but this one, by the grace of God, I got right. Make sure your children know the importance that Moms in Prayer has in your life and that it’s because of them- they are the reason you make that commitment every week.

Николс женат на второй сын папоротника Трой. Она также мамочка к
их 3 авантюристы, мистифицировать, Mimi and Jack. Spending time with her family
is her favorite thing to do and when she isn’t driving all over town
for all their adventures, she and her family can often be found riding
motos in the beauty of God’s creation. She has lead a Moms in Prayer
группа для последнего 8 years at her children’s school and loves to
encourage other moms to keep the commitment of their Moms in Prayer

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