Молитва как сад

Я думал о молитве сегодня. Starting a habit of prayer is really
like walking into an unkempt garden. Похоже, сложной задачей. Есть
so many weeds you can’t see if there are even any plants worth keeping. Наш
hearts are like that at the beginning of a prayer life. So many sins and
distractions and fears it’s hard to even take a step toward God in

At first our prayers are halfhearted. We might even think they are
worthless because they are weak, like our muscles when we first start
pulling weeds. The first day it looks as if we haven’t made a dent. When we
walk back in the garden the next day it looks as if we didn’t do a thing the
day before. And when we turn to prayer on days two and three it’s the same. Мы
don’t see any change. We might not even feel any different. Но, as with
weeding the garden, if we keep at it, slowly things start to change. Things
start to look and even feel different.

That’s why the Moms in Prayer hour is so dear to my heart. It helps structure my prayer so I don’t feel like I’m planting random plants all over my garden. We begin with praising God for who He isremembering that He is in control, not us. Then we cleanse our hearts in silent confession. следующий, we give thanks for the week’s blessings, allowing for a greater perspective. В конце концов, we can confidently intercede for our own and each other’s children.

Our vision for our garden changes as we continue to work in it. When we first
started we might have wanted certain plants and certain flowers, but as we get
into the actual gardening, those plans change as we begin to better learn about
the places the sun shines most or the least, where the best drainage is. Это
the same with prayer. We might start a life of prayer thinking we want one
thing or another, but as we pray, we begin to see things differently.
vision for our life starts to change as we see what we thought was good
was unnecessary or what we thought was bad has somehow been turned to good.
Our prayer life over time becomes something very beautiful, something we enjoy.
But just like in gardening, there comes a day when we think, I’m so busy I just
don’t have time to pray. And for some reason
when prayer takes a back seat,life turns to chaos from there. We wake up one day
weeks later and realize that the weeds have started to grow back, the plants are being overrun. Just as a
garden has to be maintained, our prayer lives do as well.

if we don’t pull our weeds, who will? If you don’t pray for your child, who will? Gathering together in a Moms in Prayer group will change your child’s life and it will change your life. Make the decision NOW to найти группу возле тебя! In everything by prayer and supplication make your needs known
There is a reason God has given us this gift. It can make our hearts
into beautiful places as the work in the ground can make a beautiful garden.

Sarasamomx5 is a child of God, жена, мать 5 мальчиков, urban homesteader, advocate of Ballet Boys Everywhere.

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