Освобождение от ваших забот

У меня были большие проблемы.

По факту, в течение нескольких недель они были настолько большими, что они потребляются мои мысли. Как бесконечный цикл посудомоечной машины, они кружили. . .

Я не могу когда-либо…

Этот человек никогда не будет…

Я, если это будет когда-либо не знать…

Выхода нет…

Я должен выяснить ответ…

Бесконечный цикл мысли продолжал идти, but when all was said and done, it resolved nothing. All it produced was the agonizing sense life was sordid and out of control. I constantly walked through my day, humming with anxiety. Хмм…BlghhhZzzzz…!

What thoughts circle in you? What aching sense won’t leave you?

What changed the tide of my thoughts (pun fully intended here, дамы) was simple. I not only chose to see beyond my problems, but I chose to get up and out of my house. This can be half the battle.

И, I battled alright. Still a little jittery, I got in the car and drove. Upon arrival, I took my seat right in the center of this tight-knit band of women who regularly meet on Tuesdays. I anticipated the freedom God might bring. I hoped in something more.

What are you hoping for?

Во-первых, everyone else seemed to have their own issues pressing on their hearts and minds. I wondered how mine would ever be addressed, or if I’d be left behind. But as I heard the prayers to heal cancer, about the child getting in with the wrong crowd and the pain of difficult relationships, something shifted.

I realized peace is not found through panic-filled thoughts of self, but through offering all of myself on behalf of another.

Each faith-filled word I prayed gave me new strength. The more I continued to lean in, the more I gained new strength. The more God comforted me. The more my issues faded away. The more my heart came alive.

God was doing somethingin me, как я молился — for them.

Как это могло произойти?

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Phil. 1:21 (NKJV)

We find Him, “the bread of life,” as we give away the best of us on behalf of them. And what we are left with at the end of our circular prayer meeting is the reflection of Love all over us. And when the God who is love touches us, He never leaves us the same.

Who might Love want you to reach out and pray for today?

Молитва: Бог, you are all we need. You are the fullness of all things. You are the joy of our heart. Restore us and replenish us in you. Help us to receive the best of your love as we give out the best of your gifts in our life. Grant us greater peace as we lean on you as our our peace. We trust you, entirely. В Иисусе’ имя, мы молимся. Аминь.

Replace your cares and worries with peace and hope as you gather to pray with other moms for your children and schools. Присоединяйтесь к Мамы в молитве группы.

Келли Balarie, blogger at Purposeful Faith and author of the book, “Fear Fighting: Пробуждение Courage Преодолеть свои страхи,»Увлечен, взявшись за руки с женщинами, которые часто оказываются застрял в боксах жизни. Шаг за шагом, слово за слово, ее мечта, что вместе они могут выйти лучше - страх, fret and panic-free. Получить все Келли Целенаправленное Faith блог по электронной почте для дозы вдохновения и поощрения.

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