Мая 2019

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Мамы в молитве
Октября 2019
[Молитесь ежедневно] Отец, You are Able! Я прошу во имя Иисуса, cover every school worldwide in prayer, и ...   Impact all as Sally
is with MIP moms at
a local brunch and
как говорит Моника
at a women’s Bible
study luncheon
Nat’l Day of Prayer
Отец, multiply the MIP outreach opportunities throughout the USA and hear the cries of Your saints
Bless Maryland State leadership’s two days
plus Idaho and New Hampshire state team and leaders
gatherings tomorrow
Open all 1,400+
hearts in Virginia at
the Refresh Women's Conference hearing about Moms in Prayer in a video clip
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Прежде чем, помазать Салли
the 6th-10th with Child Evangelism Fellowship leaders; main speaker plus a workshop in North Carolina
Отец, uphold and take Fern deeper as she connects with
and uplifts a group
of widows today
and others each day
Strengthen Christian teachers and students to be very courageous; oversee and unleash graduation ceremonies to honor You, Бог Господин, оживлять
Country Helpers and ACs as they teach and encourage
women in Europe and
по всему миру
Cause MIP groups to finish strong and each start up again in the Fall after a refreshing summer break for students and teachers Бог, guide Colorado Leadership Impact Gathering the 10-11th and then take the message to different areas of this state Святой Дух, touch hearts and bring fruit from Cathi speaking
to a women’s group
в Сан-Диего
today and the 30th
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День матери
Отец, impress on children to stand and bless their
mothers today
and every day for
Ваша большая слава
Give women urgency to pray and start groups in untouched provinces of Canada as well as other areas worldwide Господин, обильно
bless our translators around the world as they humbly
serve Your ministry
Мамы в молитве
Strengthen and protect leadership throughout Mexico; all of North, South and Central America physically
и духовно
Бог, use end-of-year thanksgivings to bless and inspire more moms to be faithful to
pray and support MIP
as worship to You
Direct many women to take advantage of the group of four Awaken Hope discounted registration price during this month Allow Your Word
to be taught in all schools, flood them with high moral standards, spiritual awakening and revival
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Бог, protect all who
travel to Africa and other places on May-June mission trips to share and train MIP format for much fruit
Святой Дух, continue opening doors to share Moms in
Prayer in churches and inspire more moms to pray
Оборудовать, поощрять
and empower each woman who attended a state impact gathering to continue praying year after year
Reignite ILDs and
Country Coordinators as they prepare, teach and pray for
leadership in their countries and beyond
Draw social media
and prison liaisons
as well as finance
and roster managers
to fill each open
state team position
Thwart all plans of the enemy, во имя Иисуса, protect MIP from hackers and credit cards from
being compromised
God of Unity, делать
all MIP women
one in You as we
pray and pursue
young moms to
mentor in prayer
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Господин, incline two women to help in Nebraska with
Homeschool and
CEF outreach
and follow ups
США Мемориал День
Thank You for sending Your Son to set us
free forever and
for those who lost
their lives for our
nation’s freedom
Sprout and grow seeds planted from a MIP table at an evangelistic event in Arkansas and all other events with MIP information Господин, instill power from on high to existing groups and call
молодые мамы, чтобы присоединиться
or start new groups all over the Middle East
Бог, prepare Your choice for SC in Connecticut, Иллинойс, Нет. Каролина, Орегон, Теннесси, Wisconsin and for other openings Отец, grant wisdom for Awaken Hope event décor; locations for check in, sales and workshops as Your servants meet June 1 Все они собрались вместе и постоянно объединились в молитве.
Из Деяний 1:14 (NLT)

Переменный ток: Area Coordinator CEF: Child Evangelism Fellowship ILD: International Leadership Developer MIP: Moms in Prayer SC: Государственный координатор


Июнь 2019


Воскресенье Понедельник Вторник Среда Четверг Пятница Суббота
AWAKEN HOPE Октября 2019
Let your unfailing love surround us, Господь, for our hope is in you alone. Из Псалма 33:22 (NLT)
[Молитесь ежедневно] всемогущий Бог, I pray in Jesus’ name that every child and every school around the world will be covered in prayer
с помощью мам в молитве группы, и ...
        Create enthusiasm today at Brazil’s 25 Year Moms in Prayer International Anniversary Celebration
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Help MIP leadership not grow weary and have favor as they reach out to
churches holding
VBS programs
Отец, furnish divine appointments for moms to share their MIP story often, with enthusiasm and grace, to spark unprecedented growth Иегова, breakthrough and gather women
to pray in the
African countries
of Egypt, Ливия,
Sudan and Somalia
Ever Faithful One,
pour out financial support to provide for Moms in Prayer throughout the
summer months
Бог, greatly spread
training in women's facilities to further encouragement
and hope for
заключенные мамы
Lead and guide the Communications Dept. and make smooth all of the major MIP website updates they are making this summer Святой Дух, inspire women from many different language groups to register
early for October
2019 Пробудить Надежда
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Great Shepherd, cause every group information request
to be connected to
a group or a new group started
Господин, join working moms in New Jersey and beyond as You
provide the time
and location for them
молиться вместе
Отец, supply overflowing invitations from MOPS groups
чтобы рассказать о
prayer with their
молодые мамы
Grow the new group in St. Lucia to be strong and well established;
birth MIP groups
in every part of
о Боже, держать
MIP untarnished, pure and unified worldwide; help us each stay surrendered to You and Your will
Pave a straight path
for opportunities
to train partner
ministries' leaders
in the Four Steps
Иммануил, содействовать
the MIPI Board of Directors meeting today according to Your perfect plan for this ministry of Yours
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День отца
Отец, give students and teachers a will to obey and ears to hear You say, “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to Him!"
Главный планировщик, be the Director for an Impact Gathering in the Cincinnati, Ohio area plus anywhere else You desire an event Бог, lead USA College Liaison, Джули, for next school year’s Overflowing Hope theme for prayer
and cover every campus
Prepare the way for
an October leaders training event in Asia as You guide group leaders and gather more moms to pray
Bring spiritual fruit
and fill MIP roles
from the monthly
North and South Dakota prayer calls this school year
Господин, envelop moms traveling to South America to do
missions work and open ways for them to share MIP
Князь мира,
assist participants in the prayer calls for special needs moms
чтобы присоединиться или начать
group in their areas
22 23 24 25 26 27 29/30
Ignite those who are called to step up to Area and Regional Coordinators, Group Information Assistants and group leaders Double the number of groups and open
doors to share MIP
in churches and para-churches throughout the Oceania countries
Иисус, embolden each woman new in leadership as she moves out with Power from on High in her new role Бог, reveal to Your praying daughters the big picture of what
You are doing around the globe through Moms in Prayer
Good Father, identify
leaders for those moms looking to join a Prodigal group and bring each prodigal
to Your open arms
Undergird a couple traveling to Central America for ministry and meeting pastors to share the mission and vision of MIP Бог крепкий, prior to the start of the next school year, fill the leadership teams with who You know is best for the position

MIP: Moms in Prayer MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers VBS: Vacation Bible School