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Вот почему! Они являются причиной! Этим утром, простуда, и цвет, и дети. Бремя они несут. Они почему мы молимся. Молитесь за тяготы облегченных. Свет, сияющий из темноты.

Вытяжки подъехала, пряча лицо, чтобы не впускать утренний холод. Громоздкие рюкзаки отягощают их молодые кадры. усидчивый, меры. They parade by my morning perch where I have the luxury of waking early to pray in my warm sun-room awaiting the morning sun. It’s December in Wisconsin. The daylight is short, dark mornings foreboding to those students on their way to the yellow school bus, a symbol of care free school days. I surmise from the scene that not all feel the joy of this school day. Each with head cast down, carrying a weight that slows their step. I pray that these students will know that they are loved, and that they will be safe today. I pray for them, the verse that I awoke to pray for my own grown children, что His light would shine in their hearts (из 2 Кор 4:6). God sees the heart and the downcast face behind each covered head. As I watch and pray for the slow procession of backpack-laden youth, I glimpse a burst of color.


The long awaited morning sun displaying anew the Creator’s brilliance. Today in Winter Solstice, we who are wearied of darkness are given an artist’s display. Not any artist. The Artist. Creator God is displaying his glory. Only for those awake, and especially for those standing on a corner, facing east at just that moment, waiting for a yellow bus. The Creator’s language of love and glory is spoken to all who assemble at Ray and Wisconsin this winter morning.

The sun rises in beautiful splashes of orange and pink, red and yellow against the darkened sky. I pray that they might look up and see. Look up and know that they are loved. This is why we pray. For bus drivers and teachers and for each precious child to know God. May He shine his light in their hearts. May they know that, “Бог who saidLet light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ. (2 Кор 4:6) God who sees their hearts and each downcast face beckons them to look up. God who shone His light, beckons us… look up, see His glory. This morning the skies proclaiming the glory of God, the work of His hand, flood the sky with color for students at the bus stop. Они почему мы молимся. Look up, мы молимся!

Висконсин, Координатор Лори Гаспар государственный


Laurie Gaspar has been married for 34 лет и имеет 3 женатые дети и 4 внучата. She loves to visit them all in Washington and enjoys the fine art of re-purposing including distressing furniture. Laurie is the Moms in Prayer Wisconsin State Coordinator.

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