Господь смотрит на сердце

“The Lord
does not look at the things people look at.
Люди смотрят на внешний вид,
but the Lord
looks at the heart.”

I Samuel 16:7б (NIV)
Счастливая неделя после Mother's-Day, дорогие сестры! I can’t
remember now whether it was Mother’s Day or my birthday. But I do remember two little
девочки, ages five and four giggling in the kitchen and telling me to stay in bed
… they were making me breakfast. I shouted out instructions like, “Don’t turn on
the stove!” and “What just fell over?” forcing myself to stay put while they concocted
my breakfast treat. я должен признать, I was a little bit nervous about the whole
thing. Да, I had started bringing them breakfast in bed for their birthdays, но
I didn’t expect reciprocation quite so soon! Также, whatever-they-were-doing was
taking a LONG time—and many weird sounds and shuffles could be heard. я поинтересовался
what the state of my kitchen might be after this act of kindness!
В итоге, breakfast arrived. Two smiling night-gowned
beauties proudly (and wobbling just a bit with the special tray) marched into my
bedroom. There was juice. That looked nice. There were cards written in crayon and
decorated elaborately. And then there was my breakfast. It was a bowl of cereal.
At least that is what it was supposed to be. я думаю. There were about five Cheerios
sailing in a sea of … milk? I questioned them. “How did you lift that heavy gallon
of milk out of the refrigerator?” “ Oh, we used the little box,” they replied with
big, proud smiles. Hoo boy. I was looking at heavy cream, тогда, and NOT milk. Что
was the only “little box” I could think of in the fridge. A huge bowl full of heavy
cream. And five Cheerios. Вау. Eager faces watched to see if I liked their creation.
Oh my. Я улыбнулся. I dug in to the heavy cream with as much cheer as I could muster
and thanked them. Bless their hearts, they stayed there until I slurped every bit
of it. I still laugh when I think of that dear and very weird breakfast. Потому как
I loved them and saw their hearts, I ate a bowl of heavy cream on an empty stomach
and smiled about it. Ага. That’s what mothers do!
На самом деле, God started the whole business of looking
at the heart and not at outward appearances. It’s HIS love in us that helps us do
the same. Dear mothers, when you try your best, but still say the wrong thing. Или
burn the bacon. Or offend a relative. Remember that God sees your heart. He sees
beyond the clumsiness of your efforts. He discerns your desire to do what is right
by your loved ones, and He applauds you. Even if you only manage to get five Cheerios
in the bowl. I am so thankful for His discernment and grace! Whether your Mother’s
Day was rainbow perfect or kind of a mess (like my kitchen was!), be reminded that
God sees your heart. And He specializes in fixing messes and giving fresh starts!
Тебя любят,
Шарон Гэмбл, Мамы в молитве Национальный директор США, проживает в Дувр, Нью-Гемпшир, и был женат на своей школьной возлюбленной, Рей, с 1979. Она имеет два прекрасных дочерей, Два великих сыновей в законе и три драгоценных внуков. Она любит велосипедные с Ray, ходить в любую погодуи керлинг с хорошей книгой ее камином.  

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