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As I started this little study on moms associated with Christmas, Я был поражен, что у каждой женщины было трудно и сложной жизни. Еще, Бог использовал каждый из них в могучих способами, и мы до сих пор знаем ее имя столетия спустя. Я приглашаю вас, чтобы найти удобное место, pour a hot cup of tea or coffee, and take a few minutesoutto ponder the lives of these moms with me.

Bathsheba—A Mom with a Restored Heart
David comforted his wife Bathsheba …. She gave birth to a son,and they named him Solomon. The LORD loved him.2 Самуил 12:24 (NIV)
Have you ever felt ashamed … unworthy … humiliated? Every time I try to understand Bathsheba’s story, I ache. Childless and alone, this soldier’s wife is seduced by King David. When the King discovers she is pregnant, he sends orders to ensure her husband is killed in battle. The child born of their infidelity dies—and everyone in Israel knows her story. This is pretty much as bad as it gets for a mama.
The Bible is silent on Bathsheba’s motives and heart. God tells us the story through King David’s eyes, and we see his anguish and grief in Psalm 51. We know the loss of her little baby was a crushing blow to Bathsheba as well, because the book of 2 Samuel tells us that Davidcomforted her after the baby’s death. She endured loss, боль, humiliation … oh, but her story does not end there!
Бог, in His infinite mercy and love, favored Bathsheba with four more children—and the very first son born after her infant’s death, was Solomon. Solomon, who became a great, honored and wise king. Solomon, who was in the direct line of Jesus.
The Word of God makes an interesting statement about the birth of this babythe LORD loved him. After all Bathsheba’s trials and tragedies, God restored to her a sense of family and gave her the gift of motherhood andespecially loved her child. Our God forgives. Our God restores. When we confess our sins, our God wipes our slates clean. Every—Single—Time.
Rejoice with me that this God who forgave and loved Bathsheba and restored her motherhood after tragedy is OUR God! "Приехать, let’s talk this over, says the Lord; no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow.” (Исайя 1:18a, ТЛТ)
Небесный Отец, how amazed I am at Your forgiveness and redemption. Спасибо, that You can make me as clean as freshly fallen snow. Thank You for the sacrifice of Your Son who makes this possible. How I praise You, the God who restores! Держите меня близко к вам, Господин, all the days of my life. В поле Имя Иисуса, Аминь.

Шарон Гэмбл, Мамы в молитве Национальный директор США, проживает в Дувр, Нью-Гемпшир, и был женат на своей школьной возлюбленной, Рей, с 1979. Она имеет два прекрасных дочерей, Два великих сыновей в законе и три драгоценных внуков. Она любит велосипедные с Ray, ходить в любую погодуи керлинг с хорошей книгой ее камином.  

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