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В Мамы ChristmasRuth, Вирсавия, Элизабет, Mary and AnnaChristmas Reflections
As I started this little study on moms associated with Christmas, Я был поражен, что у каждой женщины было трудно и сложной жизни. Еще, Бог использовал каждый из них в могучих способами, и мы до сих пор знаем ее имя столетия спустя. I invite you in the busyness of the celebration and shopping this season, to still your heart and ponder the lives of these moms with me.

                                   Photo Courtesy: Kathryn Bailey (Sharon’s daughter)
                                                      PicturedSharon’s grandson

Ruth—A Mom with a Tenacious Heart
“Entreat me not to leave
вы, or to turn back from
following after you; для
wherever you go, I will go;
And wherever you lodge, Я
will lodge;
Your people shall be my
And your God, my God.”
Рут 1:16 (NKJV)

Ruth is a mom whose life is intertwined with the Christmas story. She is one of the few women listed in the lineage of Jesus and is one of my favorites. What a life she lived!
Ruth married a foreigner, an Israelite, in her land and lived as his wife for ten years, but had no children. Затем, both her husband and his brother died. Her father-in-law had already passed away, and she was left as a young widow with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We all know the story of how she refused to leave Naomi, her mother-in-law, but declared that she would follow Naomi anywhere. Ruth chose Naomi’s God, the one true God, as her own andnothing could make her let go of Him.
I think Ruth knew she would need to be with Naomi if she were to keep her faith strong and vibrant. Так, she tenaciously held on and accepted a childless life of poverty for the greater good of being with Naomi and being one of God’s people. But … she didn’t stay poor and she didn’t stay childless!
What a marvelous and amazing story of God’s provision. He honored a woman who chose Him tenaciously to be a part of the family tree of His own Son. Ruth’s great-grandson was David, a man after God’s own heart. May we have resolute hearts like Ruth and like David as we pursue God during this coming year. Fern has called us in 2015 to a “year of personal revival,” encouraging us to make it our goal to have deep quiet times with Him.
Небесный Отец, help me hold on to You with that same kind of tenacity, even when things go terribly “wrong” in my eyes. Help me to realize, like Ruth, that nothing is more important than being Yours. I gladly claim you as my God, the only God, my Savior. Помоги нам, as we lead and pray with our Moms in Prayer groups, to point always to You—no matter the circumstances, no matter the hardships. And thank You, Господин, that we know the end of our story. Eternity with You is the best ending and the best beginning there could ever be. В поле Имя Иисуса, Аминь.

Шарон Гэмбл, Национальный директор США, проживает в Дувр, Нью-Гемпшир, и был женат на своей школьной возлюбленной, Рей, с 1979. Она имеет два прекрасных дочерей, Два великих сыновей в законе и три драгоценных внуков. Она любит велосипедные с Ray, ходить в любую погоду и керлинг с хорошей книгой ее камином.

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