Это то, что говорит Господь:
"Стенд на перекрестке и смотреть;
просить древних путей, спросить, где хороший способ,
и ходить в ней, и вы найдете покой душам вашим.
Но ты сказал,, ‘We will not walk in it.’”
Иеремия 6:16 (NIV 1984)

"Сюда!"Я кричал, чтобы мой муж, Рей, as we
bicycled in Virginia on vacation. He changed direction and followed my lead as
we took a path that led, according to the sign I saw, toward the Potomac River
bike trail. Скоро, однако, we found ourselves crossing a high bridge на the Potomac River (not fun at all
with heavy traffic!) and headed toward Washington, ОКРУГ КОЛУМБИЯ. о, Боже. My quick glance
at the sign and my overconfidence had placed us on the wrong side of the river
and in the wrong city. Вздох. Рей, ever the gentleman, calmly turned us around
and back we headed across the high bridge and toward the other path … the one
Ray had been on before I shouted … where pleasant river vistas and traffic-free
bicycling awaited us.
Слишком часто, I decide too quickly on a plan of
action. The results are seldom good. Иеремия 6:16 advises a different
approach. The Господин says to:
Stand at the crossroads and look. Я был
riding a bicycle when I passed the all-important sign and did not even slow
down as I glanced at it and made the decision that cost us time and comfort.
Had I stopped at that crossroads instead of racing past it, we could have
avoided our unpleasant detour. It’s the same with my daily decision-making.
When I get up in the morning and hit the day at high speed, I make decisions
that cost time and comfort. I desperately need quiet time with the Lord. I need
to stand still and look deeply into His Word before I make the day’s decisions.
Ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way
During my quiet time, I also need to pray as I read the Word and ASK Бог. He knows the best paths. Он
created us and from the beginning set out for us the right ways to live. Многие
decisions about how to spend my day crowd my mind during the morning hours.
There are always more things to do than there are hours in the day! The key is
to ask the Lord for His “good way” for that day … where does Он want me to begin? What are Его priorities for me? Even when I don’t
have all the answers, the very act of asking reminds me that it is God who is
in charge of the day—and not me.

Прогулка в нем. Learning His principles from
the Word and hearing His commands about how to live are not enough. I need to
“walk in it.” Ray and I had to turn our bikes around in order to get back to
that good path. Иногда, during my quiet times, I am redirected by my loving
Father in the way I should go. Maybe I need to tell someone I’m sorry for a
sharp retort. Maybe I need to call a friend He placed on my heart. Whatever I
learn needs to be walked out.
You will find rest for your souls. The rest
for our souls comes when we stand still and listen at the crossroads. One of
our primary goals this school year is to encourage the practice of a daily
тихое время. Meeting with the Lord each morning is the best antidote to the
rushed decision-making that too often can run our lives. Standing at the
crossroads each day, asking the Lord for the “good way” is the best way to live with eternity in view.
Here’s to GREAT quiet times this fall for each of
Тебя любят,
Шарон Гэмбл, Мамы в молитве Национальный директор США, проживает в Дувр, Нью-Гемпшир, и был женат на своей школьной возлюбленной, Рей, с 1979. Она имеет два прекрасных дочерей, Два великих сыновей в законе и три драгоценных внуков. Она любит велосипедные с Ray, ходить в любую погоду и керлинг с хорошей книгой ее камином.

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