Когда Там нет другого голоса для детей

По Деби Grenseman
As praying moms who know the value of corporate prayer, мы
gather together around the world to place our children’s names before the
Мы привыкли носить их, но теперь они научились ходить. Они
are no longer dependent on us but can go where they want to go. They are no
longer “выброшенные на берег киты,” as my husband used to say.
They’ve learned to talkto have their own voice.
They’ve learned to read, their minds now open to so many
voices other than our own.
They’ve learned they have choices, ones that might not be our choices for them.
They stand as individuals before God and in this world.
Еще, our prayers as moms are voices for them, voices that
rise before the Throne of the One who has the power to turn hearts.
Praying moms, your voice in the ear of God joined by the
voices of other moms make for an influence you have for your child that is
powerful whether they are just entering preschool or embarking on a career
Но, have you thought about those kids who do not have
молясь мамам? Is there a voice being heard at the Throne for them?
Our Moms in Prayer groups, as we pray for schools, have the
opportunity through prayer to speak for those kids who have no other voice.
Does your school have a yearbook? Несколько лет назад, the
leader of our high school group, using her son’s yearbook, made a way for us to
pray for all the previous year’s juniors, now that year’s seniors. She divided
up by the rows of junior photos by the projected times we would meet that year.
Затем, as our group meeting closed, we gathered around the yearbook to take
turns praying just a sentence or two over the face of each child for that week.
Amazing us at times, God often put one of those children we prayed for in our
path that week.
By the time the year was over, every current senior of our
high school had been prayed for at least once. Every one of them now has voices
on their behalf before the Throne of the Most High.
I love that Moms in Prayer is not just about me and my
дети, but it is about impacting all the children of the world for Christ. Как насчет тебя? Please bless us by sharing a comment.

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