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Кэролайн Mosonik

Кэролайн Mosonik, Кения

I am saved and love Jesus Christ and am blessed with one husband and two children. В 1999, I was in Kentucky and my host was a Moms in Prayer member. I was invited to pray with this great group of women. I listened to their prayers and found the issues they were praying for were the same as the ones we have here in Kenya.

I was given a Буклет. My new life in Moms Prayers had begun. I thank God for the many blessings and answered prayers I have seen and the passion God has given me to reach to more women of Kenya. My desire is to see every child and school covered with prayer.

I want to come to Awaken Hope to meet with great prayer warriors from other parts of the world, to build my faith and encourage one another. I also want to acquire new skills! I need to be refreshed in order to refresh others in my country.


Молитва благодарности и просьбы

Мы благодарим Бога за:

  • the 15 Члены команды, оказывающие помощь Кэролайн с руководством за кадром 30 женщины, поддерживающие 121 группы в Кении.
  • недавно возможность начать тюремную группу в Кении.

Мы просим Бога:

  • для укрепления мам, которые хотят, чтобы начать группы в своих церквах.
  • что мамы стойте и продолжают свидетельствовать о том, как Бог отвечает на их молитвы.