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Пробудить Надежда
собирать 3 friends and come to the Awaken Hope event! A place where you’ll be filled with hope and encouragement in this journey of motherhood! Register before June 1st and pay only $50 на человека ($200 for all 4 Вас)! Сан Диего, Калифорния, Oct 11-12th Зарегистрируйтесь Сейчас! Individual registration $60.


10 Second Truth
Who can you share this video with today to remind them they are loved by God no matter what. Tag friends on social media to encourage, inspire and bring hope as we count down to the Awaken Hope Event.
Watch and share now!


Meet Chantel Mathson, new Military Families Liaison for Moms in Prayer. В военной жене, Chantel has a heart for helping military wives connect, найти свое предназначение, и создать сообщество. Be encouraged through her blog,Создание сильного сообщества молитвы для семей военнослужащих. Contact Chantel at Military@MomsInPrayer.org


A Mother Like No Other
When you give, we will send your mom a beautiful Mother’s Day card and you can use our $25 promo code through June 15th, to select a unique gift for her from our Shop Site! See details of card and gift или Text to donate to: 91999 and type in message box: Mother


Meet a Friend for Coffee
Is there a mom you’ve been wanting to invite to your Moms in Prayer group? Ask her if she wants to meet you for coffee this summer. Get to know her and tell her about your Moms in Prayer testimony. When the school year begins, this will be an easy invite to join your group.


Pray ‘em Up Water Bottle
Take one with you to the gym. A great way to start a conversation about Moms in Prayer.

T-shirts for Summer
Comfy, cute and great for active days with your kids. Магазин сейчас

Оценка учителя
Show teachers at the school how much you appreciate them through written notes, yummy treats or gifts.Find ideas here.
(No gifts or messages with Scripture or Christian slogans)


May Attribute
God is our Creator. Praise Him that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and for the beauty of His creation! See this video and others on our Group Leaders page.

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