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Experience the impact of praying boldly for your family in every situation.

Raise Them Up
Praying God’s Word Over Your Kids

“What better way to pray than to pray God’s Word and His will over your children!” – Laura, praying mom

“At the time I began reading this book, I was spending many days in a hospital room at my daughter’s side. She was experiencing a very similar situation as described by Sally Burke in the testimony of her son. It seemed like the Lord saw our situation and sent comfort right to our address! There is such power in a personal story and this book is full of them. I pray Raise Them Up will be read, blessing women everywhere!” – Moms in Prayer mom in Washington

Book Pray God's Word for our Children Triumph in Christ Raise Them Up

Start with Praise devotional
Living Empowered Through Prayer

Want a book that leaves you hope-filled each day? Start with Praise is more than an instruction book on how to strengthen your prayer life. It’s chock-full of amazing stories of answered prayer from two seasoned prayer warriors. Broken up into bite sized pieces for each day, this is great for busy mamas!” – Sue, Oklahoma praying mom

“Two statements that resonated with me from this book were, ‘What is it God wants to do through you?’ and ‘What are you created for?’ Start with Praise was not only an enjoyable read, but I found it life-changing for me. —Happy Reader

Unshaken Study Guide & Personal Reflections
Experience the Power & Peace of a Life of Prayer

“I went through this book and the accompanying workbook twice. First with a group of Moms in Prayer friends and second with my women’s Bible study at church. This book not only transformed my prayer life, but also those I did the study with.” —Bible study leader

“The book gives clear examples of how we can experience peace and power in prayer, right now. There are authentic stories of answered prayer, some of which brought tears to my eyes. I have already bought 3 to give to friends to encourage them!” —Grateful mom

Book Unshaken Christ who lives in us is eager to answer our prayers

Mom’s Little Book of Powerful Prayers

As a mom, you will feel encouraged to pray diligently for your children, no matter their age, when you open Mom’s Little Book of Powerful Prayers and discover prayers from Scripture for your child’s every need: their protection, challenges, health, friendships, character, anger, sadness, fears, and more.

“For over a year now, my 9 year old son has begged me to read him a prayer from this book every night. I substitute his name in the prayer. We love this time together. We finished the book and started over!” —Thankful mom

Book God cares about every part of our lives Moms Little Book of Powerful Prayers