Singleness of Heart and Action

I will give them singleness of heart and action,
so that they will always fear me for their
own good and the good of their children after them.

Jeremiah 32:39 (NIV)

On Columbus Day Monday in 1974, my life changed dramatically.
I went roller skating with a friend of mine, Ray Gamble. He drove me home, and then,
before I opened the car door, he unexpectedly kissed me. I got out of the car and
walked right into a bush in my front yard. Ha! He had my heart from that day forward.
Thirty-nine years later, my heart still beats a little faster when he walks into
a room. How blessed I am to have Ray as my husband!
On April 22, 1962, my life changed eternally. As
a little four-year-old, I knelt at the side of my mother’s bed and prayed to ask
Jesus into my heart. I still remember the JOY of that moment. I gave Him my heart
that day in a more profound way than even the way I love my husband.
Despite my desire to have “singleness of heart and
action” for the Lord, however, I often find myself far more focused on ME than
on HIM. I need scriptures like Jeremiah 32:39 to remind me that I can ask God to
give me this focus—for my own good and for the good of my children who come after
me. I want my daughters, sons-in-law and grandsons to love the eternal God. When
I walk in devotion to the Lord, Jeremiah 32:39 tells me this will be good for my
children after for me. Now that’s a powerful motivation!
       May God keep us focused on what matters eternally today and this week.
May He give us “singleness of heart and action” in our love for Him. May our Moms in Prayer group time this week strengthen our resolve to live for Him.
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