Teachers thank Moms in Prayer groups for praying for them and the classroom

Teacher Testimonials You’ll Treasure

It’s winter in Minnesota and it’s COLD. I walk three miles outside on a regular basis in this tundra. It’s awesome! My friend taught me how to continue to exercise outside all winter long by dressing in layers. 

This reminds me how God sometimes has us doing the same… adding more layers to our faith life. I started praying for my oldest girls in a Moms in Prayer group when they were in first grade and haven’t stopped. They’re in college now and the impact of prayer on their lives is dramatic. 

I also have a 7th grader, Chase, still at home. If you’re a mom of elementary or middle school children, start praying now! Join other local moms who want to pray with you. It could be, or I would argue it will be, the biggest impact you have in the lives of your children.

Through my time in Moms in Prayer groups, we have also prayed for the schools – teachers, curriculum, environment, student attitudes, protection, Covid decisions, school events and school board decisions.

God intervened through our obedience to pray
  • The smallest public elementary school in the district became the largest. I believe this was partly due to the prayers of our Moms in Prayer group.
  • We also prayed that Christian teachers would be attracted to work at the school. We discovered that it became a desired school from students studying to be teachers at the local Christian college.
  • We prayed that Christian groups would form at the school. Both a Good News Club and a 5th and 6th grade Bible study were started!
Christians at public schools remind us of the power of prayer

It is a blessing to have prayer warriors in our corner and I am thankful for you all. These are incredibly trying times in our schools and communities. The pressure and time commitment for our staff has increased with all we are experiencing with COVID. The stress and disruption to classrooms and families is intense and I know there is a need for your prayers and for God’s grace on each of us. My prayers are for healing; not only physical, but also spiritual, emotional, communal and societal healing. My prayers are for a peace that passes all understanding because indeed, we don’t experience peace very easily right now and it is hard to find any understanding in the storm. It really is in Him that we find it and I know this is true for so many others in our community. Please continue your prayers over us all. They are felt. They are cherished. They are important. They are appreciated.— Mitch, Associate Principal at Elementary School

Please continue your prayers over us all. They are felt. They are cherished. They are important. They are appreciated.

I am so grateful for your prayers this year. As a fellow believer, I know the power of prayer and feel so blessed to have such a faithful and consistent community of believers lifting us up in this way! I’m in tears! From my perspective, although this year has been far from “normal,” there has been a peace and joy in my classroom that has made such a difference. I am so grateful.— Elementary School Teacher

I am thankful for Moms in Prayer who meet faithfully to lift up our school, staff and students. My mother participated in this program and I know she continues to pray for my school even now. Thank you to all Moms in Prayer participants for your prayers. It means a lot.— Middle School Vice Principal

I know about the Moms in Prayer group and I am so thankful for all of you! I can think of several times when you have personally told me about specific things that you were praying for me during difficult times in my teaching career and it helped me tremendously to know I was not alone and that God was really working in my life!— Anne, High School Spanish Teacher

Moms, the most important thing we can do for our kids and their schools is to pray. And I believe the most impactful way we can do this is by using the Moms in Prayer format. Starting with Praise, it prepares our hearts. Confession cleanses our hearts and helps us hear from God. Thanksgiving helps us see what God is doing in answered prayers, and Intercession with scripture helps us have peace in knowing we are praying God’s will for our kids and for their schools. Praying in agreement and out loud puts the POWER in prayer. It truly is divine!

Lisa’s prayer for you

Father, bless moms who are reading this blog. Speak to them. Guide them. Lead them to Your goodness. Lord, in this busy, crazy and chaotic world, help them to find you and to find the comfort and peace that comes from praying together. I pray that You would help moms to see the value in praying for their kids and even the greater value in coming together in a Moms in Prayer group. I ask, Lord, that You would move mountains in moms’ lives to enable them to find or start a group and carve out that hour for them. Lord, help many to see that the way to impact lives, communities and the world, is with prayer. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.


Lisa Casper, mom to middle schooler and college age children. Leads a Moms in Prayer group.Lisa Casper has been married to Aaron for 23 years. They have four children; twin 19 year old girls in their second year of college in MI, an 18 year old daughter who is in her first year of college in MN, and a 12 year old son who is in middle school. All of the kids attended a Spanish immersion school. Lisa is a stay-at-home mom and has been involved with Moms in Prayer for the last 14 years. She leads Moms in Prayer groups for the middle school, for Hope College, and recently started a college group in order to keep on praying for her youngest daughter. In addition, Lisa co-leads a Mother/Daughter Discipleship ministry that helps moms learn how to have purposeful and meaningful conversations, develop strong and open relationships with their daughters, and bring the truth of the Word about biblical womanhood to their daughters’ hearts. Contact Lisa at lcasper2006@comcast.net

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