The Aroma of Christ

By Julie Loos
Moms in Prayer College Facilitator

But thanks be to God, who in Christ
always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of
the knowledge of him everywhere.

2 Corinthians

The pastoral landscape on my drive from
Harrisburg to Lancaster through the Amish countryside was deceptive. My eyes saw
beauty but my nose detected something entirely different. No matter how tightly
I rolled up the windows, the stench of manure still invaded my car during
plowing season. But just down the road a piece…was Hershey. And when I’d drive
through Hershey I’d purposely roll down my windows because the air was kissed
with the aroma of my favorite food group—chocolate. Two towns. Not too far
apart. Two distinctly different aromas!

Today, many of our college campuses reek
of darkness and oppression, as naturalism, scientism, pluralism, atheism and
hedonism hang thick in the air. But strategically placed around campus are
students, and hopefully faculty, who are washed in the blood and white as
snow–who are called to be the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved
and among those who are perishing. And this is where our prayers come in. As we
pray, picture that their fragrance intensifies, permeating the campus, tickling
the noses of the unsaved, attracting them to Christ. Picture the essential oil
of the Holy Spirit igniting the campus to transform culture.
As Christian philosopher William Lane
Craig said, “More often than not, it is what your ARE rather than what you SAY
that will bring an unbeliever to Christ. This then, is your ultimate apologetic.
For the ultimate apologetic is: your life.” To that end, let’s pray “air
freshener” prayers that Christian students’ holiness and authentic Christian
living will scent all they do with the “fragrance of Christ.” Pray
  • our students will
    replace any hypocrisy in their lives with genuine holiness.
    (1 Peter
  • our students will
    “daily seek holiness through self-examination, forgiveness and repentance.”

    (Matthew 7:3-5)
  • their life will be
    an apologetic (a defense, a case for their faith) even before their words are.

    (Matthew 5:16) 
  • they will be
    humble so their humility encourages the same in others, disarming them so that
    their pride will not prevent them from seeing God.
    (1 Peter 5:5)

(Prayer points inspired by: Sherrard,
Michael C. Relational Apologetics. Brooks, Georgia: Hill Harrow Books,
pp. 21-30. 2012. Book.)

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Continuing steadfastly


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  1. This is so powerful…I can smell both the manure and the chocolate! A vivid picture of how we can be praying for Christian students on campuses! Thank you!

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