The Battle Scene

I know you are just as familiar with this scene as I am,  

but let’s go there together real quick…

We pull into the driveway.  The same one we park in every week.  The ignition turns off and we begin to grab all our belongings we need for the next hour- our bible, our folder, a pen, and of course our extra-large morning beverage (you know the one…the one you can’t function without!)  and we slowly open the car door.  Our legs push us up and out of the car and we drink in that deep breath of air, one that is so long and deep and takes forever to fill our lungs. Our hearts are so big and heavy with burdens it takes a while for the air to fill in the space.  We slowly exhale and close the car door.  As the breath leaves we feel our emotions catch in our throat so we quickly stop and hold back the tears knowing it’s only a little longer before these feelings will vanish and be replaced by something much better.  We walk to the door and knock and enter into this familiar home with these familiar faces and you realize the troops have assembled.  You all look around  with this acknowledgement of the battle that is about to begin.  And then, with great command and strength our General shows himself-  it is God, our all-powerful leader.  And immediately our fear, doubt and heavy heart is now replaced with confidence and we are ready for battle because we know at the end of this hour the outcome and victory are always the same -with Christ as our General we are the victors!

How’s that for a description of our Moms in Prayer hour?  
Moms, please never underestimate the power of that single hour in your week. 
 Its impact goes deeper than we will ever know. 

You are fighting the good fight and you are staying the course.
 Continue on my sisters in Christ!  We will not fade and we will not falter. 
We have a great assignment from our General himself!

 If you are not yet part of this life-changing ministry to pray together in a group for your child,  click here to find a group near you! Don’t wait!

Bonnie Nichols is married to Fern’s second son Troy.  She is also mommy to their 3 adventurers, Josh, Mimi and Jack.  Spending time with her family is her favorite thing to do and when she isn’t driving all over town for all their adventures, she and her family can often be found riding motos in the beauty of God’s creation.  She has lead a Moms in Prayer group for the last 8 years at  her children’s school and loves to encourage other moms to keep the commitment of their Moms in Prayer hour. 

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