The Joy Jar

By Debi Grenseman

Our Festival of Joy celebrating of 30 years
of Moms in Prayer is just a little over two months away! I can’t wait!
Our joys from the Lord are what draw other
moms. Our joys embolden other moms to
take their burdens to Him in prayer. That’s why I have a JOY JAR … to collect those sweet answers to prayer. I’ll be taking
this with me to the Festival of Joy,
and I have plenty of room to add yours! Click here
and let me know the joys you have experienced from the Lord through Moms in


As the new school year begins, here’s an
idea to reach more moms to receive more joy through more prayer.
– Consider inviting Christian moms, who have children at your
school, to a School Shower, a great
way to bless your school, introduce moms to the ministry and invite them to Festival of Joy. On your invitation, you
might ask each mom to bring a little something for teachers, who often have to
purchase their own supplies. Some suggestions include pencils, paper, 
reinforcements, dry erase markers, glue sticks (highly requested at the elementary
level), tissues, cleaning wipes …
Using your prayer sheet,
follow our Four Steps of Prayer format. Praise
the Lord who is our Joy. Thank Him for
the joys He has given through prayer. (If you send them to me, I’ll add to my Joy
Jar!) For intercession, instead of praying
for your own children, shower your school with prayer. Pray a scripture for each
teacher by name (break up into smaller groups to make this practical). Pray scripturally
for your school, for your superintendent, for our state and federal educational
officials. End by praying for Moms in Prayer’s Festival of Joy.
Remember, all Moms in Prayer members need a
Give newcomers information on purchasing one. Even better, prepare a group order
and save on shipping. You’ll find gifts for teachers as well as lots of
resources to share Moms in Prayer at our website.
Need help? Need another voice to cover you
in prayer? I’m just an email

Debi Grenseman has been in Moms in Prayer since 1992. She began as a leader and has been a coordinator  for 20 years – most recently serving as Washington State Coordinator since 2007. She says, “Words can hardly express what it has meant to know other moms uphold my children with me before the Throne of the Living God. Nor can they express how the Lord has revealed His heart to me through this ministry.”

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