The Secret to an Unshakable Day

I spun my wheels all day. The sense that I was in a heavy yoke loomed over me. The day just didn’t come easy. And the spiritual fruit was null and void.

It began with a nudge from the Lord to wake at 3am to pray. Of course, I did what a godly woman of good reputation would do (read with sarcasm), I reasoned with the Lord that I needed my sleep because I was attending a women’s conference that weekend. Can I just pray from here? I spent the next hour and a half cuddled in my bed unable to sleep, but murmuring prayers, praises, and petitions to Him.

The truth is, I do that often.

Sleep isn’t the only thing that distracts me from connecting to God. Facebook, email, the laundry: they all call to me. The thing is, on the days I obey the voice of God or set my alarm to soak in His presence, I feel this easiness about the day. It may not look like I planned (something that really bothers this task-oriented girl), but I’m more flexible and trust that what God wants me to do is what matters. God may or may not provide big answers to prayers, but the deposit of His Spirit in me gives me an unshakable sense of contentment and peace.

There is no questioning the fact that my days are unshakable when I begin them with Him.  In fact, it’s just my life living out the truth of God’s Word.

John 15:5 reads,

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you abide in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.”

I want to abide in Him. But I struggle to do that sometimes.

Can you identify? Does busyness keep you from a pursuit?

Do you find yourself substituting ice cream for a deep craving for His presence?

Are you burdened with a habitual sin that overwhelms your desires?

Have you been unable to muster up the discipline to rise early to find His heart?

You are not alone and you have come to the right place.

Something I have found to be a great help is gathering with other “branches” to strengthen our connection to the “Vine.” There is just something about being with other girlfriends who have the same feeble humanity coursing through their veins, but who want to find that deep connection to God so they can live unshakable.

Dannah Gresh is an author, speaker and the founder of Pure Freedom. She will be speaking at the Moms in Prayer Unshaken Northeast conference April 28-29, 2017 in Fairfield, Connecticut. Dannah will help you begin living an authentic life in Christ! When you find the life-giving power of the Lord, you’ll be an unshaken woman who can pass the power on to others. Dannah is married and has three children.


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  1. This morning was one of those mornings when I just did not want to move — but slowly I did did move as far as the blog page to be blessed by finding another Sister who, on some days has this problem. Thanks for the reminder that to move in God’s direction to worship him is to find him as my Guide for the day! Committed!

  2. I would like to pray for my ” adult ” children who need Jesus walk desperately. All 4 boys know Him, but only one is truly following His way. All the others feel they don’t need any help from God. They are proud independent men, just like Dad. I do pray for my husband & the boys ( men ) but am guilty of being faint in praying for them. I would covet other older Mom’s who will share with me praying so I don’t become weak with praying. Thanks. Fran

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