The Word of God on a Christian School Locker

posted on rows of students’ lockers.  
sight caused our Moms in Prayer group to pause and think about the 

power of
God’s Word.

For the Word of
God is alive and powerful. 

Hebrews 4:12a (NLT)   

Holy Spirit had prompted us to go into the high school and pray scripture over
the lockers
while students were away at camp. We knew we needed to gather and
intercede for these kids.  Even though they
attend a Christian school, we still witness things going on that just should not be.
 Things that make us wonder sometimes if
God can transform these young lives.
heading for the lockers, we met in the teacher’s lounge and praised God for His omnipotence and right then He reminded us that He can do anything.  Yes, anything!  He is powerful enough to transform these kids
—to bring salvation, to heal the broken, to convict of sin, to make new, to
raise a generation that loves Him and serves Him wholeheartedly! 
time cleared our hearts of any residual unbelief and thanksgiving triggered our
memories of the many prayers God had already answered at the school.
the hallways, we discovered 8th graders hanging Bible verses on the
lockers.  Their Bible instructor was
teaching them how to pray scripture over each upper class men!  We divided into groups and followed behind
them placing our hands on each locker and praying.  It was a time we will never forget!
our group approached the last locker, I thought, “Isn’t it worth the time to
fight for these kids in prayer!  Who
knows what is going on in each of these students’ lives?  God loves them so much and He has asked us to
be their intercessors.   
We cannot stop
praying for them.” 
left the school in awe of this powerful time with the Lord interceding for the high
school students.  And what a sight, to witness
next year’s freshmen class praying the Word of God!  We were sure this was answered prayer from the
middle school Moms in Prayer group.  What
God will do if we are simply obedient to gather and pray!
You all-powerful, Lord?  Yes, You are!  Now our Moms in Prayer group waits in great expectation
of how these prayers will be answered.  
Oh, and guess what we discovered the high
school students were learning about up at camp… 

that God can do anything!

*This testimony takes place at a
Christian high school but its power holds true for both private and public
schools. Can’t pray on your public school campus during the school
year?  Go during the summer break and pray, or ask how many lockers are in
use at the school and pray for them in your Moms in Prayer group by
number.  Your prayers might be the only ones ever prayed on that student’s
behalf.  Don’t miss the opportunity!

Sue Iacoboni 
Sue grew up in Colorado and now lives in
Southern California with her husband of 18 years and her teenage
daughter.  She leads a Moms in Prayer high school group as well as a
prayer ministry at her church and works full time.  Growing up in a
difficult situation and being saved many years later, God has placed a burden
on her heart to pray for our youth.  She
firmly believes in the importance of prayer and the power of God’s Word to
transform a young life.

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  1. Another idea for a public school is to obtain the "map" of your school (some have them at the school's website). Then, "finger walk" the grounds and buildings praying as you go.

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