Trusting God in Hollywood

Sobs! That’s how I remember that Moms in Prayer meeting a
few mornings after my son told me he was not going to college, thereby throwing
away scholarships for chemical engineering! What was he going to do???
Hollywood! Into the clutches of evil!
What was my choice? Either ask him not to go and crush his
spirit or release him and trust the LORD to watch over him. I knew he would
honor me and not go but standing before the LORD explaining why I had crushed
my son’s spirit was not what I wanted to face.
The week after graduation, my son was gone! Pain of course!
His bed pillow saturated with my tears! The realization that my son was in the
grip of Satan’s den was almost more than I could bear. What else could I do?  Pray!
Linking armor in prayer week after week, our maternal hearts
battled for my son. There were ups and down as the years unfolded in his life. We
prayed through them all! Some of those same moms are still with me in a
College/Career group rejoicing now as we have seen over and over the LORD’s
call upon my son, Kellan Lutz. Destiny unfolding that OUR LORD ordained even
before creation, the good works that HE had prepared for Kellan to walk in.
Kellan passionately loves the LORD, and he serves HIS KING in that Hollywood
arena. Be assured GOD is greater than Hollywood! The LORD has sovereignly
surrounded him with others in the industry who are sold out for JESUS! The
stories I could share, the testimonies of what our LORD is doing in Hollywood,
the amazing Kingdom opportunities that I get to “mother” in that world! Who
would have thought a decade ago that life would unfold this way!
In retrospect – I’m sure glad HE didn’t listen to my prayers
to keep my son out of Hollywood but HE interpreted my prayers from the topside
of life’s tapestry not the bottom side I was seeing! I am so grateful that
though my prayers were the passionate prayers of a mom who dearly loves her
son,  HE loves Kellan so much more and carries
me through the pain to see my son walking in HIS destiny. What an amazing God
we serve!
Rejoicing in all HE is doing,
Karla Pope
Aka Kellan’s (Emmet’s) mom

 Kellan’s tweet for Mother’s Day 

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  1. Thank you..this was very encouraging to 17 yr old son is very interested in cinematography and keeps saying that maybe he won't go to college but just go to California after he graduates next year which of course worries my mother heart so it is good to hear how your son is doing in Hollywood.

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