Walking Through Devastation

Candy coated prayers don’t fit when you are in the middle of devastation.  Today’s guest, Rhonda Robinson, mother of nine, walks us through the clinging and comeback that occurred in her life after the tragic death of her son.  This episode is a glimpse of hope for those who are mourning.

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Freefall: Holding Onto Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes by Rhonda Robinson

Rhonda’s Sunrise Reflections Devotions



About our Guest:

Rhonda Robinson spent years writing parenting columns and articles, nevertheless, her debut book, FreeFall: Holding Onto Faith When The Unthinkable Strikes, is the book she never wanted to write. After the death of her youngest son, and years struggling to survive the grief, Rhonda chose not to allow life’s circumstances to define the course of her life, but to use them to refine her soul. Now, “FreeFall” helps others face a world they don’t want to live in.

Rhonda teaches women how to transform the darkness into a season of profound change and emerge with vision and purpose. Through biblically-based spiritual wisdom, Rhonda leads readers to discover the life they were designed to live. You can find Rhonda deep in the peaceful hills of Tennessee, where she restores her barefoot soul with her high school sweetheart.

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  1. I relate to Rhonda’s story. We lost our only son Brian in 1999. He was 34 months old. If it were not for the comfort and faithfulness of the Lord, I hate to think where we would be today. Would I even be alive??

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