When I am Weak- He is Strong

 By Dawn Paoletta
But he
said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in
weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that
the power of Christ may rest upon me.
Corinthians 12:9 (ESV)
 I have been allowing myself to be available to God through this ministry despite
the nagging doubts, feelings of inadequacy and sometimes seemingly
“unanswered” prayers.
As our first Moms in Prayer meeting approached I found myself feeling overwhelmed. Three weeks into homeschooling
8th grade and this mom, right here, was already ready to hang it up.
The most negative voices
taunted me from the corners of my mind, echoing through my head as if in an
empty corridor, on challenging days. The voices reminded me of every possible
reason why I was not fit to pray with my sisters, let alone lead them in
. The reality was that these “voices” were voices in my
mind, but they seemed to take on attitudes and personalities of their own with
one intention:
To take
me down.
The day before we started, I hit the
ground running, and focused prayer time was minimal. So much to do. Clock
ticking…and yet there was this still, small voice, just faint in the
background. Not condemning…quietly present. Less a voice perhaps, and more a
presence, which seemed to keep me somewhat on track despite the messes, challenges,
distractions, and outright opposition.
That night, as I prayed,
I told God just how I felt, what I thought, what the voices in my head were
saying and how I was starting to believe them. I asked Him to show me His will.
I reminded Him that each of these sweet ladies was capable of leading and my
presence was not even absolutely needed.
I gave Him my big
objection, which was basically the same thing I always tell Him.
The two words I’m
convinced He accepts BUT refuses to receive…
So I moseyed on
up to His throne of grace and told Him, in my bravest, big girl voice…the one
He knows I don’t really believe, but use when I really want Him to know that I
am s-e-r-i-o-u-s. 
I said, Lord, but if you
really want me to do this, despite all of my excellent arguments. Despite all
of my imperfections. Despite all of my ME. I am willing. If you promise to show
me clearly if it is really not your will. Deal?
Then I
That morning I was
awake before the alarm. My head was clear. It was Go Time. 
God gave me a perfect
extended time of refreshment in His word and prepared my heart. His peace
draped over my shoulders like a soft garment. 
The time of prayer with
my praying moms turned out to be a  blessing, naturally. 
He was present, and I realized
just how blessed I was to be able to pray with this handful of gracious women.
It’s not that I am the best candidate to lead. It’s not that I am such an
awesome prayer warrior, it’s not that I have been the best mom, or am some kind
of Super Christian Chick.
myself, I am completely inadequate to lead these women.
But somehow, our weakness
is His strength…and in the smallest acts of obedience, He runs out to meet us
with open arms. 
Can you get this?
It’s not my adequacy,
ability or anything me at all that equips me for His will.
Same for you. 
It is all His grace. All
And that which I think is
mine, is after all really His-
 yet He blesses
through that which He calls forth…
even as He calls us to
trust and obey.
there no other way?
So what
are you waiting for?
Is He
calling you to step out, again?
What have you walked away
from that you suspect He wants you to turn around and walk back to? 
Despite all of your good
arguments, do you know, that you know, that you know, He has something for you
to do, which will require you to rely on His strength and not your
understanding, power or might? 
me, there is no other way…
To be
happy in Jesus
to trust and obey.
by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.
Zechariah 4:6 (ESV)
Are you longing to pray
for your children with another mom?
more about gathering together in prayer with one or two or more moms, 
check out 
Moms  in Prayer.
About Dawn Paoletta: I have
been praying with a Moms in Prayer group since 2008 and have been blessed
beyond belief. I have been “leading” which is to say I have been
praying alongside women who are gracious enough to allow me to be responsible
for staying on track, starting and finishing on time and never talking too much
(Can you see God’s sense of humor in this?) since 2010. 
God is

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  1. Dawn! Fun seeing you here on the MIPI site. I have been a praying mom since 2003 and what a blessing this ministry has been both to me and my family. Nothing like the power of praying scripturally over our children. And the benefits we reap personally as we draw closer to the character of God are too great to quanitify! I wish all Moms could experience this amazing weekly hour of power in their lives..It changes us!

    1. Kelly, I so agree- I have been blessed by this ministry in so many ways…the women I have met through MIP also have been instrumental in my walk and growth in the Lord. Grateful! Hugs to you, sista! Dawn

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