Country Coordinator,
Caroline Mosonik

Caroline Mosonik, Kenya

I am saved and love Jesus Christ and am blessed with one husband and two children. In 1999, I was in Kentucky and my host was a Moms in Prayer member. I was invited to pray with this great group of women. I listened to their prayers and found the issues they were praying for were the same as the ones we have here in Kenya.

I was given a Booklet. My new life in Moms Prayers had begun. I thank God for the many blessings and answered prayers I have seen and the passion God has given me to reach to more women of Kenya. My desire is to see every child and school covered with prayer.

I want to come to Awaken Hope to meet with great prayer warriors from other parts of the world, to build my faith and encourage one another. I also want to acquire new skills! I need to be refreshed in order to refresh others in my country.

Thank you!


She will be equipped, inspired and come together in prayer for an outpouring of Moms in Prayer groups in her country. 

Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • the 15 team members assisting Caroline with leadership of over 30 women supporting 121 groups in Kenya.
  • a recent opportunity to start a prison group in Kenya.

We are asking God:

  • to strengthen the moms who want to start groups in their churches.
  • that moms stand firm and continue to testify of how God is answering their prayers.