Country Coordinator,
Jessica Okello

Jesicca Okello, Uganda

I first heard about Moms in Prayer in 2000 at a women’s conference in Mbale town, Eastern Uganda. When the facilitator handed me some Booklets, I made sure to share them with other leaders at the conference. Once we returned home, each of us started a group. The Lord began answering our prayers and we just had to tell more women about this wonderful format of gathering moms to pray! Moms in Prayer has taught me how to pray scripturally so l could pray more effectively. I believe my children are what they are today because of my prayers and the prayers of many moms gathered to intercede for them.

Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • Jessica’s supportive team of area coordinators and contact persons and the many groups that have begun under their leadership.
  • a mom brand new to Moms in Prayer came to pray for her daughter who was struggling with the wrong friends and not wanting to go to school. This girl is now back in school and has asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior, inviting her friends to church!

We are asking God:

  • to guide Jessica as she trains in new leadership throughout Uganda.
  • to sustain groups when leaders move to other regions and that new groups will spring up since more than 200 women heard about Moms in Prayer in three cities last year.