Regional Coordinator,
Kari Miyano

I first learned about Moms in Prayer in 2010 when I brought my daughter to freshman orientation at the University of Northwestern- St.Paul, Minnesota,USA. I returned to Japan and shared the ministry with a handful of moms who caught the vision right away. This core team started praying and now we have over 20 groups, from Tokyo to Okinawa, with leaders from Japan and other countries too. We are blessed as we pray together for our children. We are praying for moms to rise up like Deborah in Judges 5 and that as we rise up, our country will be changed for Jesus!

Japanese Language Resources

Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • the 23 groups in Japan.
  • reaching new moms through Facebook and a power point presentation that shares the ministry in Japan.

We are asking God:

  • for translators to update the Japanese Booklet and translate leadership documents.
  • to raise up more women to be gracious leaders in Japan.