Country Coordinator,
María (Coco) S. Quiñonez

Maria (Coco) s. Quinonez, Nicaragua

In 2008, the Lord led me to another mom to start a Moms in Prayer group. Almost immediately we witnessed the effectiveness of one accord prayer. Over time we have harnessed so many powerful testimonies in Nicaragua that when we listen to mothers who are going through challenges with their children, with great assurance we encourage them to start their own prayer group for the benefit of their children and schools. Currently I lead two prayer groups, one for my children and another for my grandchildren. I can’t express in words the joy it gives me to know that my children will pass the prayer mantle to their children as I have passed it to them.

Prayer thanks and requests

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We thank God for: 

  • the years the Moms in Prayer ministry has been active in Nicaragua and that groups continue to grow.
  • the pastors and congregations that continue to open their hearts to Moms in Prayer.

We are asking God for:

  • that the Moms in Prayer groups in Nicaragua will be strengthened and that each mom shares this ministry in love and boldness.
  • that the children and schools covered with prayer will be a testimony of what God will do through prayer.

Acción de Gracias:

  • Gracias damos a Dios que con los años que tiene el Ministerio en el país no ha menguado el número de grupos, sino que con el favor de Dios se han mantenido y se siguen abriendo más grupos.
  • Gracias a Dios por los pastores y congregaciones que han abierto sus corazones a este Ministerio de Oración.


  • Que los grupos de Madres Unidas Para Orar en Nicaragua sean fortalecidos y que cada madre lo comparta en amor y con valor.
  • Que los hijos y Centros Educativos, cubiertos con oración sean testimonio de lo que la oración puede hacer.