Country Coordinator,
Manuela Woldt

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In 2007, I was desperate with my two teen sons. I searched the internet and found the Moms in Prayer in Germany website. However, it seemed like too much for me at the time. In 2011, many problems with my sons brought me to my knees so I called a friend to pray the four steps with me. Once I started praying with another mom, my heart started burning for prayer and I couldn’t stop talking about prayer for our kids, schools and teachers. A short time later, I stepped into the contact person role for my small town and one year later, I was the area coordinator. In 2014, God challenged me to ask for spiritual awakening and revival in Germany. And I found this verse in Psalm 2:8, “Ask of me, and I will give you the nation(s) as your inheritance…” I wrote it in my prayer journal and then forgot about it.

One year later, I became state coordinator for Bundesland. My love for moms grew more and more in my heart and in 2017, I became the state coordinator for 7 states in Germany. As Martina Kersten (CC for Germany at the time) asked me to be her successor, the Lord reminded me of my prayer for the nation and I said yes to Martina. Now I am the country coordinator (CC) for Germany with great honor for this ministry. Thanks to my God and all the precious ladies around the world who love and serve in this work. I love being a part of this prayer movement.

I am amazed that as a mom from a small village, my mighty God called me to this role with the power of the Holy Spirit and His love in my heart for the moms in Germany. I am thankful to be a part of His plans of praying for the next generation throughout the world. All glory to Him!

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Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • His presence in this ministry the last 23 years and for His leading in the process of finding a new team for Germany!
  • the women filled with the Holy Spirit’s power to influence and encourage the German moms and be His light in this country, for His glory.

We are asking God:

  • that we can reach out to many new churches to share Moms in Prayer throughout Germany and that the mothers will be hungry to learn about prayer.
  • to bless our new Moms in Prayer Germany country team and that we can develop new leadership and be strong leaders.