Ireland Country Coordinator
Nathalie Hand

Moms in Prayer has helped me to be a better wife and mother, to be less anxious for my children and to trust in the Lord’s peace and protection. I want mums to know that through prayer they can replace anxiety with the Lord’s peace that passes all understanding (Phil 4:6-7). So many women are struggling with anxiety, depression, juggling too many things and carrying guilt for not being a “perfect” mother. Moms in Prayer can help them realize that that they are not meant to be the perfect mother, but that God is for them and He will help them in all that He has called them to do.

Our prayers make a huge difference for children, teachers and schools and will impact the next generation. With the Lord’s help, leading and guidance, I pray that Moms in Prayer will flourish here in Ireland so that the vision of every school covered in prayer by two or more mums will be a reality, and that we will have a lasting impact on this nation with many more Christian families, schools and teachers.

Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for:
• groups that are growing and for new mums joining existing groups.
• the women on the area team who are such faithful prayer warriors and who are supporting Nathalie as she steps up in leadership.

We are asking God to:
• bring more women to start praying here in Ireland in a Moms in Prayer group.
• call more women to step up into Moms in Prayer leadership.
• bring many women to the autumn thanksgiving lunch and that they will be blessed and encouraged.