Country Coordinator,
Jane Esther Monteiro de Souza
de Paula Rosa

Jane Esther Monteiro de Souza de Paula Rosa, Brazil

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As soon as God gave me the privilege of joining the Moms in Prayer ministry, I began my journey of praying with other mothers. My heart is grateful to God for the fact that, when we are in His hands, He ‘enlarges the place of our tent… lengthens our cords and strengthen our stakes’ (Isaiah 54:2). This is what has happened in Brazil— a country with a high rate of drugs, abuse and corruption and steeped in unbelief, but God in His infinite mercy has called committed mothers to pray for their children and schools. Mothers are chosen by God and guided by faith, prayer, courage and perseverance. These are mothers who believe in the power of prayer!

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Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • open doors to conduct leader training in the city of Curitiba!
  • continuing to use Brazil’s Facebook page to encourage moms to gather and pray.

We are asking God:

  • to gather more mothers in Brazil to pray and to also intercede for students struggling with addiction and drug growth in Brazil which is greatly impacting children and families.
  • to give Jane Esther and her team wisdom and discernment on what cities/churches to contact and share the ministry since Brazil is so large and there are 5,570 cities in the country!