Country Coordinator,
Sandra Bosch

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I have been a part of Moms in Prayer for the past five years. This ministry has taught me how to pray effectively, focused on my kids and the schools, and also taught me how to pray for other moms’ children. God has shown me His vision and urgent need of covering our children and schools in prayer for the entire country of Chile. My personal prayer has always been, ‘Here I am; send me!’ (Isaiah 6:8). With the help of God, I want to assure that every Chilean mom does not miss out on this blessing to gather and pray once a week. As moms, we are concerned about the upbringing of our kids, about their well-being in the schools, and about the educational system in Chile. All these concerns we can deliver to the feet of Jesus, declare His Word over them, pray in one accord with the moms of Chile, but also in the entire world, that Jesus IS the light who guides our schools and our children.

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Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • making it possible to have not one, but four Unshaken Conferences in Chile and welcoming Sally Burke to our country in October.
  • opening doors to start introducing the ministry to pastors and their wives.
  • His faithfulness with Moms in Prayer Chile, the groups, the mums and their families.

We are asking God:

  • to lead us in promoting the Unshaken Conferences via radio, TV, email and face to face effectively. Praying that the Lord goes ahead of us and speaks to the heart of every mum through Sally Burke at the Unshaken Conferences, at the meetings with the pastor’s wives, and with mums in leadership roles.
  • to call more mums to leadership positions in the Moms in Prayer Chile Team. Praying for more contact persons, area coordinators and regional coordinators with loving and dedicated hearts to serve the Lord through this ministry.