Our Founder

When they were starting junior high in 1984, Fern Nichols knew that her two oldest children were about to be faced with their greatest test. Her heart was heavy and burdened with concern as she thought about their upcoming challenges to resist immoral values, vulgar language, peer pressure and philosophies that could undermine their faith. She cried out to the Lord – praying for Him to protect her children. Praying that He would enable them to see clearly the difference between right and wrong and to make good decisions.


The burden to intercede for her boys was overwhelming and so she asked God to give her another mom who felt the same way – a mom who would be willing to pray with her for their children and school. God heard the cry of her heart and led her to another mom who shared her burden. Others were invited to come, and they began meeting to pray the following week.

This was the beginning of Moms In Touch, now called Moms in Prayer International. As moms began sharing the work of God in their lives and in the lives of their children, more groups began to spring up in the area to pray for children across British Columbia.


In the summer of 1985, Fern’s family moved from Abbotsford, British Columbia to Poway, California. She soon discovered that God had provided her an even greater opportunity for carrying on the work that began in Canada. Once again she prayed fervently that God would raise up moms who were willing to “stand in the gap” for their children. That fall, Fern began the first Moms In Touch/Moms in Prayer group for Poway High School and soon, just as before, God began moving in their community and other groups began to form for schools in that district. This grassroots effort spread quickly as moms prayed specifically for groups to spring up around the state and across the nation.


In the fall of 1987, Moms in Prayer published the first Booklet and, in January of 1988, the first ministry retreat was held. At that retreat, 35 women prayed for national exposure and God faithfully answered their prayers. Just a few months later, Fern received a call from a producer at Focus on the Family. That May she and twelve other moms were on the air talking with Dr. James Dobson! This first radio program generated more than 20,000 responses.


Today, under the leadership of Sally Burke, Moms in Prayer International continues to carry out the vision of every school in the world covered in prayer. Groups are praying for children and schools in every state in the USA and in more than 140 countries, and our ministry Booklet has been translated into more than 50 languages! God continues to reveal His plan for Moms in Prayer International and to answer the prayers of moms worldwide.

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