Country Coordinator,
Martina Kersten

Martina Kersten, Germany

Germany website

In 1997 I heard women on the radio talking about prayer for children and schools and it touched my heart.  I gathered moms together and soon after discovered that several moms had prayed for a group to start for my kids’ school! In May 2008 I was called to the role of country coordinator. God took me along a path of growth and increased my faith through what seemed like an impossible task at the time. Today, there are more than 600 Moms in Prayer groups in Germany. I know that the Lord is with us and that He desires every school in Germany to be covered in prayer. To Him be glory, honor and praise!

Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • growing leadership.
  • young moms starting new groups or joining groups.

We are asking God:

  • for moms to join us at upcoming events.
  • to open mother’s hearts to His call for them to pray for their children and schools.

Do you want to start or join a group in Germany?  Email Martina