Celine Lu, Chinese Team Leader

Celine Lu,
Chinese Team Leader




I learned of the Moms in Prayer ministry in 2002. However, I did not join a Moms in Prayer group until the spring of 2004 when my older son, who was a college freshman, struggled in his relationship with Christ. A sister in my church asked me to pray with her in a Moms in Prayer group for our children and schools. I also joined the College group in our town that fall. It is amazing how the Lord used the two groups to bless my children.

Moreover, a drastic change in my prayer life occurred. I used to pray through the prayer requests like a shopping list. The Four Steps and one accord prayer format makes prayer so liberating and energizing. Prayer that centers on God’s attributes not only sets me free from worries, but also cements what I learned of God in Bible study through the years. The change in me brought a change in the relationship with my sons. In summary, I learned to let go and let God. I learned to pray for God’s will to be done in my sons’ lives.

Consequently, I am eager to share with Chinese-speaking moms the joy and the power of praying together. I am here to help my dear sisters learn the Four Steps of Prayer, praying in one accord, and to start a Moms in Prayer group. I pray that you will accept my invitation to join or start a Moms in Prayer group because I believe God values our prayers and desires our obedience in this endeavor. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.