Cherie Beuse, Northern California State Coordinator

Cherie Beuse,
Northern California
State Coordinator

I’ll never forget my first Moms in Prayer event in 1995. The sense of awe and feeling as though I had been transported into God’s heavenly throne room is still with me today! It was amazing to hear the hum of our voices as we gathered in groups of four praying over our children in a huge sanctuary. I immediately started praying with a college/career age group for my son and a high school group for my freshman daughter. Soon after, I started leading a group.

In 2001 we moved from Santa Cruz to Arnold and I was asked to be area coordinator. Helping the women see that the Lord could part any “Red Sea trial” their children were going through by praying, brought so much peace. “The Lord Himself will fight for you. You need only be still.” (Exodus 14:14). I learned that being “still” was actually an action word defined as “pray!” I became the Northern California state coordinator in 2013 and have been blessed to witness God’s “wonder working power” first hand!

My husband Dick and I have been married since 1973. We have a son and daughter, both married, and one 10 year old grandson. One of my favorite activities is volunteering at MOPS to watch the children. I have been blessed to have many of them for swim lessons in my small exercise pool. It’s my desire that these young MOPS moms will become Moms in Prayer moms one day and discover the peace I’ve come to know by being involved in this blessed ministry.