Jane Fischer
State Coordinator

If I were writing my own story, it would read differently. Things would have fallen into place with fewer mistakes and better outcomes. I would probably be a movie star and not a prayer coordinator. And that would be sad. If I were the author, I would have missed the biggest blessings the Lord has placed in my story. One of which is the incredible praying women who band together in this movement called Moms in Prayer International.

I began to grasp the beauty of the Four Steps of Prayer when I started a Moms in Prayer group in 2004 for our boys’ elementary school. As I began to experience the power of praying together in this way, I became passionate about sharing this gift with other Christian women. Within five years, I became an area coordinator and then state coordinator in Pennsylvania. Since that time, I have had many incredible joy-filled moments, and some that were very challenging. But through it all, I found comfort and consistency in seeking God together with other praying moms.

In these days of overwhelming information we need to remember how to stop. Praise. Confess. Be Thankful. And Intercede. It has changed my life and moved God’s Word from my head into my heart. We recently moved to the great state of Georgia. I am looking forward to joining women in this state to help each other experience a new level of prayer in our lives!

My husband Tim and I have been on this adventure of marriage since 1991. He has always encouraged my time with Moms in Prayer. We have two sons, Austin and Grant who have now (mostly) flown out of the nest. I love any time I get with them. They still keep me laughing…and praying! Tim & I love to travel, spend time with our scattered family, and I also have a passion for Kenya and love to connect with anyone who also has part of their heart in that country.

My favorite verse is from 2 Samuel 16:7, “…For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart. “ There is a whole lot happening in the lives of our children that we cannot see. Let’s keep praying for the children in Georgia to come to the One who truly sees them!