Wisconsin, Laurie Gaspar State Coordinator

Laurie Gaspar
State Coordinator

My heart was heavy with concern for my children. How would I keep them safe as they began school? How could I protect their tender hearts and keep their minds from all that could pull them into dark places? That was 25 years ago, and as I listened to Fern on the radio, I knew that Moms in Prayer was the answer. God could protect my children. Praying with other moms, sharing burdens, trusting God, seeing his powerful provision. I knew at that moment that God was able.

My children are grown and married now, living across the country. I am so thankful that God led me to Moms in Prayer all those years ago. God protected my children, and did so much more through those weekly Moms in Prayer hours. He taught me to trust Him as I learned who He is through our praise time. I learned to pray His Word, always perfect for the situation. I learned to love the children and schools that we prayed for each week.

How could I not want this for every believing mom, for every child, for every school? As Wisconsin State Coordinator, I pray that God will help me to encourage moms to pray for their children and not give up. I pray that He will give me the opportunity to encourage and equip more and more moms to pray for more and more schools, so that every child will have the privilege of having a Moms in Prayer group for his or her school.

I have been married for 34 years and have 3 married children and 4 grandchildren. I love to visit them all out in Washington. Currently, I enjoy the fine art of re-purposing (a fancy name for fixing up junk) including distressing furniture.