Kansas State Coordinator, Linda Mealiff

Hello, praying mom! Welcome to a community of women who love the Lord, love their children and grandchildren, and believe that God answers prayer. We believe God wants to do a mighty work of revival and spiritual awakening in the next generation and that He is working through our prayers to accomplish that.

I often prayed that God would put my children in just the right classroom each year. I thought surely there had been a mistake when my very active and free-spirited son was assigned to the strictest 4th grade teacher in town. But God knew she could develop his giftedness in math better than the others. Plus, it turns out she did understand and tolerate his wiggles (most of the time). God is faithful!

As moms, we want to do something when we see our children in need, don’t we? I am convinced that the best thing we can do is pray for them, asking God to guide, protect, and fulfill His good plans for them. My heart’s desire is for every child in Kansas to be prayed for and every school covered in powerful intercession by a Moms in Prayer group. Won’t you join us?

I would love to hear from you. If you’re not in a Moms in Prayer group yet, you need to get connected! Experience another mom praying for your child and the joy of seeing God at work in your child’s school.

You can reach me at: KS@MomsInPrayer.org

My Moms in Prayer Story

I was “in the trenches” of motherhood for over three decades, as God blessed my husband and I with eight children. I first learned of Moms in Prayer on a radio broadcast when our oldest was in junior high. A few friends and I started a group, using the Booklet as our guide. God has answered innumerable prayers for our children and schools in the years since then – in both “big” and “small” matters.

Moms in Prayer is such a blessing! I have grown in really knowing and trusting God and His Word through the Praise time. I have learned the discipline of Thanksgiving, the power of praying Scripture, and the beauty of one accord, agreement prayer with like-hearted women. It is such a source of hope! I love it that we never outgrow Moms in Prayer. My “kids” are all grown, but I am still praying for them (and their kids) weekly.

God’s Word invites you to “…trust him all the time. Pour out your longings before him, for he can help!” Psalm 62:8 (TLB)

What’s your Moms in Prayer story? I would love to hear it! If you don’t have one yet, make sure to connect with a Moms in Prayer group now.

You can reach me at: KS@MomsInPrayer.org