Margo Dawson, African American Team Leader

Margo Dawson,
African American
Team Leader

I was introduced to Moms in Prayer by the mom of my children’s friends when they were in middle school. Though she kept inviting me, it wasn’t until college years that I said yes. Like most moms, I had a situation regarding one of our children that led me to visit a home-based group. I attended their Moms in Prayer session with amazement. They followed the Four Steps format with passionate, one accord, and strategic prayer. Eventually we relocated to Louisiana where I grew in my prayer life through the ministry.

I wondered, what took me so long to say yes? As mothers, we often think that attending church and being in leadership is enough. But we also need time to slow down and pray with other mothers whose hearts are pointed toward Christ to deliver our children to a destination of peace, strength, wisdom, protection, love, and purpose.

Following years of directing faith-based reconciliation conferences and bringing a “diverse” perspective to various organizations, I accepted the invitation to join the USA Multicultural Team in March 2011. It has been very exciting to participate in the birth of groups started by African American moms and grandmas in Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina. Historically, we come from a legacy of prayer but can be quite private. So I have been blessed to watch these sisters begin to receive new fruit and victories from their prayers together for their children and others. Because Moms in Prayer has revolutionized my prayer life, I pray to see more U.S. church-based groups including in my hometown of Chicago, and among young moms. Please contact me for help to get started or for encouragement along the way.