Mitsue Harrison, Japanese Liaison

Mitsue Harrison,
Japanese Team Leader


末息子のMichaelの友達のお母さんであるKarenが「光江、Moms In Touchに来てMichaelのことを祈るべきよ。」とそれも3週間続けて礼拝後に私の前に立ちはだかっていました。最後には教会のお手洗いまで追っかけてきました。でもあやふやに返事だけはしましたが、行きませんでした。そんな時大学の寮のクローゼットの棚がMichaelの頭の上に落ちてきて、10針も縫うという怪我をしたのです。「神様、私に祈り会へ行きなさいと言われておられるのですね。」と私は示されたのです。

MITIのCollege Groupに出席するようになり、「MITI」とは何かと言う事を理解出来るようになりました。そして何とKarenはMITI Oregon State Coordinatorだったということが分かりました。そしてこのCollege Groupのお母様方がここOregonにて日本語で祈るグループが誕生するように15年も祈られていたことを知らされました。


祈り会に数回参加した後、私はKarenに「神様からの導きが聞こえますか?」と尋ねられました。「はい、日本語で祈る会をリードしたいです。」と応えました。そしてトレーニングを受けてJapanese MITIが始まりました。祈りの大切さ、祈りの力を覚えつつ満たされ、感謝しています。祈りは力です。




“You should come to Moms In Touch” (now Moms in Prayer). It was Karen, a church friend whose daughter was friends with my youngest son, who said this to me. Again, in the ladies room after church, “Mitsue, you should come to Moms In Touch to pray for Michael.” And then another time! But I didn’t go…until Michael’s dorm room shelf fell on him. He was alright, but I thought, “Oh, God really wants me to go to the prayer meeting!” I joined a College & Career group, and started my journey with Moms in Prayer International. That College & Career group has been praying here in Portland for 15 years.

As we divided into smaller groups for intercession, Karen and I were together. She encouraged me to pray in Japanese, even though she didn’t know the language. But when she prayed following me, she was praying about the same things! It was like the Holy Spirit had told her what I had prayed! I was amazed! After a few times with that group, Karen asked me if the Lord was whispering anything to me. “Yes, I want to lead a Japanese Moms in Prayer group.”

After some training, I started a group for moms praying in Japanese. At first, it was discouraging to see it grow more slowly than I hoped. But the Lord confirmed that in His time and in His way He would send moms to the group…and He did! Now I have 6 other moms, plus I send our weekly prayer sheet to moms in Oregon, California, New York and Alberta, Canada. Our Portland group is so blessed, and eager to spread the word about Moms in Prayer.